Film producer Parminder Vir joins as consultant to Pyramedia

December 12, 2010 11:05 am

Speaking at the press conference, Nashwa Al Ruwaini, CEO of Pyramedia and prominent media personality, hailed Egypt as always being at the forefront of media and art in the Middle East. “It is this belief in all that Egypt stands for that has propelled Pyramedia to choose it as the center for the company’s activities in the various areas of media, art and production.

Today, we meet with you to continue the march of successes that the company has achieved in the Middle East and we are proud to announce the joining of film producer Parminder Vir to the Pyramedia team. Parminder will be a development consultant for works in the fields of film and television, adding to the framework of the company’s strategy to always hire the best and most qualified specialists in the field of media,” said Nashwa.

The addition of Parminder to the Pyramedia team is an embodiment of the company’s commitment to attract those with outstanding film experience to join the creative team. Parminder will provide media consultancy and training in special areas in the field of film and television for corporate organizations and other relevant parties.

Parminder brings with her to Pyramedia more than 20 years of experience in film and television production. She has been an executive on the Board of Directors of many public and private corporations in the UK, India, Africa and America in addition to her work as a producer for many films and television series and programs, receiving many awards worldwide for her work.

Parminder’s main role at Pyramedia is to contract many Arab stars and actors under the umbrella of Pyramedia in order to market them regionally and internationally as well as provide support to filmmakers and the film industry in the Middle East by assisting in the training and development of their experiences through her own and ultimately presenting Arab works to the world.

Continuing on with the company’s support of the film and television industry, Pyramedia announces today a script competition for all Arab scriptwriters. Starting January 1, 2011, the door is open for all submissions with a closing date of submission on 31 March, 2011. The results of the competition will be announced in May 2011 with the winner receiving ten thousand dollars and the winning script produced by Pyramedia or pitched by Pyramedia to third parties. The A panel of some of the best scriptwriters in Egypt and the Arab world have been chosen to judge the entries, however, their names will not be revealed until the results are announced to maintain confidentiality.

The submitted works can be in the area of film, drama, sitcoms and continuing series and can be in either Arabic or English. Full rules and regulations concerning the competition will be posted on the Pyramedia website this month. In the event that the competition is a success, it will be held at the same time annually with a possible expansion in its divisions.

Also announced at the press conference was a new series, “Samara Street” to be produced by Pyramedia in March 2011. The late great writer Osama Anwar Okasha wrote “Samara Street” specifically for Pyramedia based on a concept initialized by them. Through “Samara Street,” Osama excelled in intertwining the upstairs/downstairs relationship between the high class and low class.

In the past few months, Pyramedia has added many new subsidiaries to the company in order to keep up with the changes and developments in film and television. PyraMovies strives to fully support and nurture emerging Arab filmmaking talent and promote a higher understanding of Arab culture, tradition, religion and history to the international community through film. PyraDocs will create cutting edge productions that vary in genre but include history, society, environment and wildlife with a specialized team of researchers in place and a documentary production unit. Finally, PyraStars, a leading casting agency in the region for Arab actors looking for roles in the international film market.

Pyramedia has also revamped its website recently to suit all the changes and innovations in its organization’s culture. The website now outlines all the different departments and subsidiaries of Pyramedia and their achievements in the fields of local and international film and television.