Forum International announces the appointment of Rima Yaghi as its new General Manager

November 7, 2010 12:09 pm

Ms. Yaghi – Forum Trainers Certified International Trainer , Lebanese / Canadian Graduated With Honors Degree in Computer Programming and System Analysis from Toronto School of Business in Toronto, Ontario – Canada Certified Instructor From IBTA – International Training Business Association in Customer Services, Leadership, Business Communications, Business Etiquettes and Sales. Mastery Certified in Project Management. HDI Certified – Support Center Analyst, HDI Certified – Support Center Team Lead.

Speaking 3 languages: English, Arabic and French, Rima’s main expertise is in assessing business training needs, providing training solutions based on market best practices and implementing training methods, strategies and courses accordingly. For the past 12 years Rima has managed many international training companies in the Gulf such as MBS and New Horizons, she has directly and indirectly worked in training thousands of individuals and empowering businesses to reach their maximum capabilities by providing their employees with the right training. Rima has contributed in one of the biggest training project in the UAE (Emaratization project) through ADEC – Abu Dhabi Emiratization Council in Abu Dhabi during her assignment with MBS. Moreover, Rima has partnered through her different positions with corporate clients in the training business such as Wasla Contact center in Egypt, Red Crescent in Abu Dhabi, AT&T in Ontario Canada and others. Rima has joined Forum Trainers as a GM to provide Forum Trainers Clients with Optimal Training Solutions, Curriculums, Courses and workshop that are hand tailored to fit their training goals and objectives.

Commenting in her appointment Adel Al Alawi CEO of Forum International :We have been patient in our search to add value to our current corporate vision and expand and diversify our long horizon-strategies. The lunch of Forum Trainers accomplishes more than what we have anticipated, especially when considering the addition of Ms. Yaghi to the board of Forum International. He added: I am very excited about Ms. Yaghi corporate vision; she brings a wealth of experience in the training and development industry. With the current portfolio of business such as Gulfbankers and GulfManagers which will compliment the launch of Forum Trainers, giving our customers a one stop shop for the development of their Human Resources capitals, he added
Commenting in her appointment Ms.Yaghi says: I am very pleased to join Forum International, the well known company and the most trusted in the executive search industry under Gulfbankers and GulfManagers portfolio of businesses. She says.”

The region since the beginning of the financial crises two years ago has been spending time looking at their next strategy moves and the needs to enhance and develop their human capital needs. Most of them have stressed in the important of developing and train their most important assets. Their people. And we at Forum Trainers can help these companies in achieving these goals. She added.