Zenith MENA announces new leadership in MENA

October 28, 2010 9:54 am

Andras Vigh, Regional Director for CEEMENA commented, “This is the perfect recognition for the enormous contribution that Firas has made since joining Zenithmedia in 2008. Zenithmedia 2010/11 is a completely different and vastly improved operation – this is a tribute to Firas and his teams’ efforts in recent years culminating in the recent regional win for BMW in the region.”

Firas El Zein was formerly the Regional Managing Director for Zenith MENA. Zenith MENA has demonstrated over 100% top-line growth in recent years, and has significantly improved its regional ranking position.

Zenith Media operates under the umbrella of VivaKi (formerly PGM, Publicis Groupe Media). Outgoing Chairman of VivaKi MENA, Mike Readman adds, “I have been fortunate to work with the industry’s best talent in this region who have proven that transformational changes are possible in a short period of time. This appointment is perfect recognition of Firas’ driving role in the recent transformation of Zenith into a serious player on the MENA stage. I am proud of this company, the ZO team and the role I had in this success story.”

Firas El Zein commented, “We had a very good run over the past few years with high double digit growth even during the worst recession! This could not have happened without the solid determination of the well rounded team across the region. Our vision is to maintain this momentum capitalizing on our edge in the digital, content and innovation spaces to further drive our clients’ advertising ROI.”

Firas El Zein is a member of the senior VivaKi Management Board in MENA and represents MENA on the CEEMENA & Nordics management team.