AAW introduces innovative ‘iSensoric’ technology by Siemens home appliances

June 8, 2014 3:12 pm

Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa Commercial Co. (AAW) announced its distribution of Siemens washing machines with the innovative ‘iSensoric’ technology to the Kuwait market.

The new technology iSensoric washing machines will care for and meet the needs of consumers who have active lifestyles and are always on-the-go. The iSensoric technology is a built-in intelligent sensor technology, providing features that help tailor and control every step of the washing process.

AAW General Manager of Home Appliances, Ali F. Al Mutawa, said, “With more people adopting active lifestyles in Kuwait, AAW is committed in providing top-of-the-line global technologies to meet their daily needs. The iSensoric technology from Siemens provides the perfect home technology solution with a unique ability to ‘think’ for the consumer, as well as the best possible performance.”

iSensoric’s patented sensors automatically detect, measure, calculate the amount of detergent, water and energy to use. The sensors are also calibrated to balance out water pockets inside the drum too, thus protecting fabrics.

Siemens Home Appliances Director of Marketing & Business Development, Georg Kazantzidis, said, “With this new intelligent sensor technology, Siemens offers intuitive, innovative, simple and perfect laundry at the touch of a button. Our valued customers in Kuwait can now experience high quality and scientific laundry care with Siemens iSensoric washing machines now available at AAW.”

AAW is the distributor of Bosch and Siemens in Kuwait for more than 20 years, delivering an array of home appliances directly to the Kuwait market. AAW operates one of the largest furniture and home appliances showrooms in the country since the 1960s.

Siemens is committed to developing high-quality home appliances with the most innovative and advanced technology. The iSensoric feature is available in Siemens’ entire range of washing machines.

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