Bosch stresses on importance of doing business based on a set of core values

June 16, 2014 2:01 pm

Bosch, a global supplier of technologies and services, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, has expressed confidence in spreading its core values across the Middle East markets. Consistent values help to overcome changing challenges. The company is looking towards leveraging its diverse portfolio of automotive parts and services, power tools, security systems, thermotechnology and its drive and control technologies.

According to Bosch senior executives, the company’s success over the last 128 years can be attributed to its guiding values. They clearly reflect the manner in how to run the business and the professional ethics that have successfully strengthened ties with their business partners, investors, employees and society as a whole.

Bosch’s seven core values are:
• Future and Result Focus – Bosch plays a major role in shaping the changes in markets and technologies, which in turn allows the company to provide its customers with innovative solutions.
• Responsibility – All of the company’s actions are in line with the interests of society, placing its products and services in the interests of the safety of people, the economic use of resources and environmental sustainability.
• Initiative and Determination – Bosch acts on its own initiative with an entrepreneurial and accountable spirit demonstrating determination in pursuing its goals.
• Openness and Trust – The Company constantly updates its associates, business partners and investors of important developments – which has been the best basis for a trustful relationship.
• Fairness – Bosch observes mutual fairness as a condition of its corporate success.
• Reliability, Credibility and Legality – The company promises only what it can deliver, accepts agreements as binding and respects the law in all of its business transactions.
• Cultural Diversity – Bosch regards diversity as an asset, as well as a precondition of its global success. In Dubai they are proud of having 20 nationalities among their associates.

“The Middle East’s various markets remain vibrant and on the path to constant growth. Remaining true to our companies’ values helps us to grow along. We offer automotive parts & services as well as the best solutions for the region’s thriving construction industry like security systems, thermotechnology and power tools. In addition, Bosch Rexroth is one of the leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies representing a one-stop source for controls, electric drives, hydraulics and mechanics.” concluded Volker Bischoff, General Manager & Vice President, Bosch Middle East.