Budget demands of Dubai life met with new app

February 25, 2014 2:06 pm

Perch, a new mobile application designed specifically for the unique market in Dubai, is set to help expats and tourists balance the rising cost of living in this city with an active social life.

Simone Perkins, co-founder and CEO, says that the market here in Dubai is really missing this kind of resource. Originally from Australia, the Perch team is in Dubai under the sponsorship of DP World. They have been chosen, from a worldwide submission pool as one of the startups to participate in the Turn8 Business Accelerator program and are very excited to be creating something especially for this market.

Ms Perkins lists the reasons that Dubai needs Perch as simple. She says that no other mobile application exists that considers whether the user wants to eat, drink, see or do; where in the city they want to do it and, most importantly, how much they would like to spend.

Unlike other services on the market there is no cost involved, no coupons to redeem and no tricky loyalty schemes. She continues, saying that ‘Perch is really focused delivering real-world user rewards. Users will be rewarded just for being users, not by playing time consuming games. We offer frequent gift vouchers and access to in-house specials and, most uniquely, we donate to local charities on our users’ behalf. They select which one and the donation is sent with one click- from the pockets of Perch and our partners, not the users’.’

Perch is so committed to meeting the needs of the market here that, in a move quite unusual in the tech space, are calling for input from the users. Ms Perkins says that ‘It’s an app designed for Dubai, to be used in Dubai and to meet the needs of people here- why shouldn’t they have a say?’ Laughing, she continues, ‘we have already included Ladies Nights and Brunches in our search functions due to popular demand.’