DM introduces latest technology for quick hazardous waste inspection

March 30, 2014 3:30 pm

Here is a unique and unprecedented excellence achieved by Dubai Municipality on regional level as the waste management department of Dubai Municipality has recently introduced one of the latest equipment on global level, which features the best international standards in the field of instant laboratory testing of liquid and solid hazardous waste.

Eng. Salah Amiri, Assistant Director General for the environment and public health services sector said that Dubai Municipality has always been seeking to get the best global practices by attracting the latest equipments that contribute to the improvement of services provided by the sector in line with the vision of Dubai Municipality to create an excellent city that provides essence of success and comfort of sustainable living.

He pointed out that the application of this device is considered as a distinctive achievement in the field of laboratory testing of hazardous waste, which comes as part of its keenness to be distinct and proactive in its various fields of services.

Eng. Naji Al Radhi , head of waste treatment section, said that this device (First Defender), designed for the instant test of hazardous industry waste, is an important step on the way to establish a laboratory facility for hazardous waste treatment.

He explained that the device operates in two special characteristics. One is analyzing postural samples and other is remote analysis through a laser beam on the material where the device can determine the type and components of the material and it has also a memory containing the list of 12,000 chemicals with the possibility of adding any new unknown substances, which allows us to recognize a database of hazardous wastes contained in the waste treatment facility and match them with the results of laboratory analysis supplied with permits for disposal of hazardous waste in a few seconds.