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Focus of Oman’s International forum on many first time Clean Technology solutions

June 10, 2014 4:59 pm

Cleantech Oman International Forum held on 9th June at Grand Hyatt had many first time solutions for Oman and the Gulf countries explained and discussed. The forum was supported by Information Technology Authority (ITA), Special Economic Zone Authority for Duqm (SEZAD), Oman Green Building Council (OGBC) and was sponsored by OMRAN and SIEMENS.

The Forum focused on Clean Technology in; Energy, Infrastructure, ICT and Waste Management and was attended by Government, Corporate and Academia. The presentations and discussions at the forum were well received as Oman is very much in line with the possibilities of implementing and adapting such world class options to further development of a clean tech pro nation.

The Forum opened with Clean Technology Energy presentations from Mr. Joseph Martin, Director and MENA Leader for Clean Energy and Sustainability Services from Ernst & Young with topic Energy Management in Organizations. Mr. Martin explained the ways to integrate energy management plans for corporates within their strategy from short to long term plans including divisions such as procurement and HR. Mr. Joerg Scheifler, CEO, Infrastructure & cities, Middle East SIEMENS presented on Innovative E-Bus solutions for Oman.

Mr. Scheifler explained how the E-Bus could take Oman to the next level of Eco Friendly Tourism City with its busses running on electricity power without any carbon emissions. Mr. Jeroen Vincent presented on Resources V/s Energy. Mr. Salman Zafar, Founder of EcoMena presented on Waste to Energy prospects in Oman and encouraged Oman to look into engineered landfills and conversion of energy from the waste material. Dr. Ahmed Al Busaidi from Sultan Qaboos University presented on Bio Fuel production from waste water, a successful case study developed by Sultan Qaboos University ready to be commercially developed.

The Infrastructure section of the forum saw Christine Kiefer, Executive Director of Oman Green Building Council present on the socio economic impact of sustainable building on the society and the living environment followed by a presentation by Ammar Al Kharusi, Development Manager at OMRAN on Green Buildings, sustainability and the LEED rating systems. The session brought into focus the concept of green and ecofriendly buildings and how OMRAN was leading the way into such developments with Oman focusing on developing world class tourism infrastructure.

The forum being supported by Information Technology Authority (ITA) saw focus on Green IT and ways in which ITA was leading the way on setting up Green IT mandates for its organization and the industry. The session also had a presentation from Rahul Bhavsar on Cloud Computing a Clean tech approach for ICT. The session explained ways in which the organization and the nations could make small changes towards development of an ecofriendly ICT usage.

Saeed Al Muselhi, Head of Treated Effluent & Kala Compost from Haya water explained on its plans and process of waste water management across the Muscat governorate. With pilot projects underway waste water will find many uses and acceptances in the near future. Dr. Saif Ali Al Khamisi, Head of Field Crops Research at Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries presented on use of waste water in agriculture production and the successes so far. Dr. Sanjay Govind Patil, Acting head of Built and Natural Environment at Caledonian College of Engineering presented on the challenges and solutions for industrial waste management and explained how the industrial waste can be used in construction. The College has conducted numerous research and has come up with solutions for this mega challenge with Oman developing its manufacturing and Industries.

Sadiq Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of Tafani Events and Research the firm behind researching and delivering the forum was very pleased with the outcome as all the supporters and key stake holders have asked for Clean Tech forum to be an annual international event held in the Sultanate. As Energy, Infrastructure, ICT and Waste Management will continue to remain core areas for Oman and the regions development, such a forum will serve the needs of exposure to world class technology, solutions, research and the discussion on how Oman can adapt and benefit from them.