ICT Ministry and British Royal Mail sign MoU for Q-Post modernization

May 31, 2014 4:54 pm

The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the British Royal Mail signed a memo of understanding for the modernization of Qatar Postal Services Company (Q-Post), on the sidelines of the third edition of Qatar ICT Conference and Exhibition ‘QITCOM 2014′ organized by the Ministry at the Qatar National Convention Center on May 26-28.

The MoU was signed by Mr. Faleh Al-Naemi from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Mr. Stan Kozlowski, Head of BPCS & Regional Director, Emerging Countries, Royal Mail International.

Aimed at Q-Post modernization, the purpose of this MoU is to formalize the two Parties’ intentions and lay down the basis of the intended cooperation in furtherance of those intentions, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of their respective countries, and based on equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit.

According to the MoU, Q-Post and Royal Mail will work together in furtherance of encouraging the development of mutual cooperation and exchanges, till such time as more definitive contractual obligations shall have been arrived at, for the realization of the objectives of the agreement.

“I’m pleased to announce the signing of this MoU with Royal Mail, which enjoys a great experience in postal services provision for over 300 years. This MoU aims at enhancing Qatar’s postal services for the benefit of individuals and businesses,” said Mr. Al-Naemi of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. “This MoU will help reinforce our mutual cooperation in this field and modernize Q-Post toward providing high-quality postal services,” he added.

“With the help of Royal Mail,” he continued, “This MoU will work towards enhancing the skills and capabilities for Q-Post management as well as provide training for functional and technical skills of Q-Post staff. The MoU includes using Royal Mail strategic assistance in implementation of Q-Post’s strategic transformation plan and achievement of the aspired service,” he added. “I am confident this MoU will be a solid foundation for further mutual cooperation that enables Q-Post to provide its customers with world-class services,” Al-Naemi further added.

Postal services began in Qatar back in 1950 with 6 staffers. The Government has been managing the postal services since 1963 with big efforts being underway to modernize that facility in line with the developments in all other facilities across Qatar.

Royal Mail has a rich and varied history, characterised by a tradition of service and innovation spanning almost 500 years. As the sole provider of the Universal Service in the UK, Royal Mail Group delivers a six-days-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK. It is a vital link connecting communities, businesses and customers. In 2012-13, Royal Mail collected and delivered more than one billion parcels and 14 billion letters across the country.

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