LG launches fourth generation of VRF solution Multi V IV designed specifically for Saudi market

February 26, 2014 2:55 pm

In line with the new energy performance standard (MEPS) for the energy efficiency ratio (EER) for air conditioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that was implemented by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) at the beginning of the current year, LG Electronics and Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company, the sole distributor for LG air conditioners in the Kingdom, recently announced the launch of its best ever Multi- V IV Tropical VRF solution that delivers maximum performance with remarkable energy efficiency.

Developed to cater to the needs of the Saudi consumers, the new Multi V IV Tropical is the very embodiment of LG’s consumer-centric, region-specific ethos.

“LG adopted all Inverter compressors technology which provides excellent energy saving solutions especially under partial load operations. Under region-fitness effort of LG, an ‘Auto Dust Removal’ function maintains a superb performance during high temperatures and hard weather conditions,” said by Mr. Deuk Soo Ahn, President of LG Electronics, Saudi Arabia.

“The Multi V IV Tropical’s superior 4.78 coefficient of performance (COP) and an EER of 16.3 (10HP model) is a result of LG’s commitment to developing and implementing highly efficient Air Conditioning solutions. Accompanied with the latest technologies in the Air Conditioning industry, Multi V IV Tropical is equipped with a ‘High Pressure Oil Return’ (HiPOR™) system to effectively eliminate a major cause of ‘hidden energy loss’. A frequency operational range of 15~150Hz for the Inverter compressors also improves partial loads efficiencies across the entire line-up of Multi V IV Tropical.” said Mr. Young Hwan Ahn, CAC Senior Product Manager LG Electronics, Saudi Arabia. Another technological advancement that also maximizes the performance further is the ‘Active Refrigerant Control’ feature which optimizes the refrigerant amount for each operating mode (cooling, heating, and partial load). The Multi V IV tropical also employs six bypass valves, instead of the typical four-valve arrangement, resulting in precise refrigerant control as well as more economical performance in part load.

LG’s new Multi V IV Tropical model boasts outstanding performance capabilities. “The success of our newly launched product comes as a result of the extensive market understanding that has enabled Shaker LG to provide Air Conditioning solutions with topnotch technologies and features such as the advanced Inverter compressor, uniquely designed heat exchanger and cycle control, which have made from the Multi V IV Tropical a unique solution that works reliably in ambient temperatures up to 54 degrees Celsius. The new Multi V IV Tropical model that we as Market Leaders are introducing today, is part of the commitment that we have given to the Saudi consumer and that aims to providing them with premium Air Conditioning products equipped with the latest technology and compliant to the Saudi regulations and standards” said Mr. Jameel Al Molhem, Managing Director of Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company.

By taking full advantage of the Multi V IV Tropical’s power-saving features, consumers will be enjoying a reduction in operational costs while benefiting from the maximum performance, durability and remarkable energy efficiency solutions.


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