Multillect uses Dubai as platform to launch cutting-edge application ‘Harakat’ to world

June 8, 2014 2:36 pm

Building on its continuous efforts in developing technological breakthroughs and innovative linguistic solutions, Multillect, a Dubai-based technology company that specializes in creating multimedia solutions and developing a unique apparatus for an accurate translation, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge educational application ‘Harakat’.

The revolutionary application automatically places diacritics in Arabic text according to the rules of grammar, syntax, morphology, and is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to learn Arabic.

Following its immediate launch, Harakat gained tremendous popularity and was rated as one of the leading educational applications to be downloaded on the AppStore and Google Play for mobile phones in KSA.

Commenting on the launch and thereafter popular positioning of Harakat, Mr. Alibek Issaev, chairman of Multillect, said, “Languages are important part of our cultural heritage, and we continually strive to make contributions for preserving the rich Arabic heritage. One of the highest priorities of our company is in the development of projects that are related to the Arabic language. Today, the company works on digital description and creates a unified morphological base for the Arabic language.” According to Mr. Issaev, one of the key and unique features of Harakat, in addition to placing diacritics, is its educational and cultural aspect. “Its user-friendly interface is a great universal platform for education,” he added.

The rapidly growing popularity of Harakat in the educational circles is a testament of its unique trait as an essential tool for supporting students and educators in the Arabic language to benefit from the use of the automatically generated ‘Harakat’ or Tashkeel.

The company revealed that almost 60,000 of iPhone users and 40,000 of Android users have downloaded Harakat in the Arab region. With the demand of the application growing by over 5000 new users daily and with a total number of downloads exceeding the 100,000 mark, Harakat has well positioned itself as a pioneer in this field.

The Gulf region, encompassing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman, is among the leading in terms of users of Harakat.

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