Office Gemini embarks on reseller recruitment drive in Saudi Arabia

April 8, 2014 9:09 am

Office Gemini, an international software company specialising in document management and scanning technologies, has announced the launch of a competitive reseller recruitment drive in Saudi Arabia as it strives to reach more customers and bolster sales in the Saudi market.

The Saudi reseller recruitment drive is part of a wider scheme in the Europe and Middle East regions, designed to accelerate the company’s international growth strategy.

“We are interested in partnering with resellers who have experience selling to small scale government departments and SMEs, but also in the education sector (third-level colleges, universities, private schools), and local government. We’re also keen on forging partnerships with distributors who sell to the transportation, law and health sectors,” said Office Gemini’s CEO, Boris Roy.

45 % minimum margin for resellers

Office Gemini’s reseller programme offers exceptional benefits – guaranteeing resellers a 45% margin on every sale and up to 50% if they achieve a monthly turnover of more than 11,000 USD.

Resellers will aim to reach new customers for the company’s two best-selling software products:

Dokmee: The company’s flagship product, Dokmee boasts feature-rich document management software which is installable and operational in less than a day, and comes at a very attractive price. With several editions available, Dokmee is able to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Diamond Vision is the ideal one-stop solution to meet the digitisation needs of workplaces across all sectors, as well as day-to-day scanning within businesses and organisations that need paper files converted into electronic images.

How to become a certified Office Gemini reseller

To enable its resellers achieve their business goals, Office Gemini offers comprehensive product training and support throughout the sales cycle. All certified Office Gemini resellers will be required to participate in this training in order to achieve and maintain comprehensive product knowledge.

The reseller sign-up fee is 3,250 USD for the first year and 850 USD per year thereafter for maintenance and to receive the free demo versions.

The certified resellers programme offers the following benefits:

• Marketing and advertising support (marketing collateral, information brochures online advertising, POS display)
• Sales and technical documentation
• Organisation of joint events
• A generous rewards programme
• Ability to test products through demo versions
• Availability of technical support (24 hours, five days a week)

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