Philips is encouraging the move towards energy-efficient lighting in the UAE

June 26, 2014 1:53 pm

Philips, the world’s leading lighting company is encouraging residents of the United Arab Emirates to ‘Make the Switch’ from incandescent and inefficient lighting to energy-efficient and sustainable alternatives. According to the recent announcement made by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Meteorology (ESMA) regarding new lighting standards, UAE is all set to eliminate the usage of light bulbs that are not environmentally friendly by December 2014 in order to enhance people’s lives through innovative lighting technology.

Philips has pioneered advanced lighting technologies over the past 121 years and has recently announced a number of key lighting innovations that could aid in the transition towards sustainable and more energy-efficient lighting.

“Energy consumption is a very crucial topic across the globe. People need to be made more aware of their individual choices and the impact it has on the country’s sustainability efforts. We are very proud that Philips is driving this conversation and can help make a positive difference to the society we live in. Making the switch to energy-efficient lamps and solutions allows us all to reap the life-long benefits,” said Paolo Cervini, General Manager, Philips Lighting Middle East & Turkey.

The ban in the UAE will come into effect on 1 July 2014. From this moment there will be an import ban for incandescent and low-quality energy saving bulbs. Only legislation compliant and ESMA registered energy saving bulbs will be allowed to be imported. The retailers and wholesalers will have six months to sell their current stock of inefficient bulbs. From 1 January 2015, the sales ban of incandescent and low quality energy saving bulbs will come into place. Incandescent bulbs consume five times more electricity than energy-efficient options. Digital light bulbs instead have a life span of 15 years during normal use and are therefore much more economical and efficient options.

Lighting has proven to enhance overall mood, well-being, enable people to experience the world and helps citizens achieve productivity. Philips believes that adopting more energy-efficient lighting solutions such as LED technology will not only help save the environment, it will also allow people to create inspiring surroundings.

The key factor that will drive people to ‘Make the Switch’ is education about the benefits of moving towards energy-efficient lighting and therefore increasing awareness of the ecological impact. “LED bulbs save up to 87% in energy consumption which means people enjoy reduced costs,” says Cervini. “Today, there is a wide range to choose from that will result in a better tomorrow.”

Energy-efficient options include: halogen, compact fluorescent and LED which are all retrofit solutions for current lighting fixtures, including candles for chandeliers which are very popular in the UAE.

Philips has also introduced a 60W replacement in warm white, to replace the most common light bulb in UAE homes. The 7.5W LED bulb provides up to 87.5% energy savings for the user and emits a pleasant bright light for multiple uses in the home. The Philips LED will last up to 15 years during normal use.
*Philips LED 9.5W is available in the UAE now.