RackHigh showcases hybrid cloud infrastructure capabilities

March 1, 2014 12:54 pm

RackHigh, a provider of highly scalable, automated, on-demand bare metal and cloud infrastructure in the Middle East, launched a new campaign to promote its hybrid cloud capabilities. Through its integrated My.RackHigh platform, clients are able to design and deploy fully integrated hybrid configurations comprised of bare metal servers, virtualization, public cloud, and private cloud environments. The combination offers RackHigh clients an unparalleled degree of flexibility.

Founded in 2009, RackHigh has helped pioneer the global infrastructure-as-a-service movement by enabling businesses and service providers in the design, deployment, and management of a wide range of hosted infrastructure solutions through one, unified portal in the Middle East. RackHigh’s proprietary automation technology allows organizations to quickly deploy or migrate workloads to hosted infrastructure in RackHigh’s global data centers. By integrating its secure data center footprint, robust remote management toolkit, and industry-leading SLAs, RackHigh helps clients manage their systems with enhanced economic efficiency.

Why is a hybrid cloud solution so important for businesses today?

One common use case combines cloud agility, scalability, performance, value added managed services, security, and compliance. Dealing with unexpected spikes in traffic and resource usage can often be a nightmare for e-commerce merchants. Public clouds can handle sudden spikes in traffic with ease; however, they do not always address regulatory compliance and security standards, such as PCI. By deploying hybrid infrastructure components cohesively into a single solution, businesses can meet their objectives at a granular level. In the above example, deploying private cloud VMs with a bare metal database server creates a platform that is flexible, performance-based, and compliant: a perfect hybrid e-commerce environment.

“RackHigh’s Hybrid Cloud solution is more of a roadmap to use our infrastructure products, than any particular product. It’s the idea that the ideal infrastructure configuration for a business often consists of more than just one type of infrastructure,” said Shafiq Ur Rehman, CEO, RackHigh. “By thinking about our infrastructure products as components for a larger solution, we’re able to deliver better efficiency and value to our clients than pure-play cloud or bare metal configurations.”


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