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Ramadan on Facebook

June 2, 2014 1:48 pm

Ramadan is a time to share, connect and reflect with friends and family as Muslims around the world prepare for a month of fasting culminating in the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. It is a period of togetherness – and is traditionally a period of increased media consumption as families gather for iftar then settle down for the evening’s event TV.

But technology and tradition are coming together, with mobile proving itself to be a game-changer across the Middle East.

Today marketers must think about reaching people at Ramadan across a variety of channels. As television becomes more cluttered and costly – and second-screening becomes second nature – Facebook is the best way for marketers to extend and amplify their TV reach, especially in a summer when people will be out and about enjoying the big games beamed live from Brazil.

In MENA, Facebook is a constant companion for mobile users throughout Ramadan, whether they’re using it while watching TV or simply accessing the platform during prime time hours. In fact, according to IPSOS, 77% of Facebook’s 30.3m monthly users in UAE, KSA and Egypt are using Facebook during prime time, with 3.3x more second-screeners than Twitter.

Chatter about popular TV shows spikes during Ramadan, as does talk of Ramadan and Eid. Across MENA, GCC, Levant and North Africa ‘Ramadan’ chatter is driven by males, with a 55% share. Fifty-six percent of that chatter comes from 25-44 year-olds.

‘Eid’ chatter is even more dominated by men, with a 63% share and 69% from 25-44 year-olds. News Feed is now the place people turn to discover new things, share Ramadan experiences with friends or connect with extended family and loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to do reach and frequency planning, target the people who matter via Custom Audiences, own specific moments with our 500m global football fans, or make a big splash with our Premium Video Ads, Facebook can help your brand or business achieve its goals this Ramadan.

Here are three key things to remember:
• People will be on mobile this Ramadan. Don’t miss the chance to connect with them where they’re spending time
• A TV strategy is no longer enough. Facebook use is persistent across Ramadan, and because News Feed is consistent across devices, Facebook makes mobile easy
• Use our targeting and planning tools to own key moments alongside TV and the summer football

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