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Samsung Galaxy 11 World Tour Grand Journey visits Dubai

May 20, 2014 1:25 pm

Samsung Electronics unveiled a Galaxy 11-themed interactive studio in Dubai, UAE. The studio will arrive at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink from 23 May to 31 May as part of the Galaxy 11 World Tour, and will allow fans to interact with the latest Galaxy S5 and new Gear devices.

The Galaxy 11 World Tour is based around The Galaxy 11 game developed by Samsung, which see a world-class football team featuring Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, train for their ultimate showdown against a group of aliens in a ‘winner takes the Earth’ football match. By visiting the studio, consumers will step onto a virtual training field and take part in a variety of interactive activities, and experience how Samsung Galaxy devices assist the Galaxy 11 team.

“We invite football enthusiasts of all ages to come and visit the Galaxy 11 studio at Dubai Mall for an interactive and hands-on experience of what it feels to train like a football legend,” said Mr. Hayssam Yassine, Head of Telecommunications, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

“With the aid of our Galaxy S5 and Gear devices, visitors can enjoy a series of fun and experiential campaign activations to get them in the mood for the upcoming football frenzy ,” added Mr. Yassine.

Galaxy 11 World Tour Events
The Galaxy 11 studio will feature several different zones, divided into the Galaxy Lab where players will learn about latest Galaxy S5 and new Gear devices, and the Battelfield, where they will need to use their newly gained skills to to train and play like the Galaxy 11 team. WiSome of the major activities include:

• Suit Up: Fans have the chance to show their support and stand alongside the Galaxy 11 team by wearing Galaxy 11 training suit for themselves and posing for photos with their favorite life-sized Galaxy 11 players through the highly-defined Galaxy S5 camera.

• Battle Field: IP67: Go head to head with your opponent and be the first to find the S5 handset deep within the studio’s sandpit. On finding the device, players will need to quickly wipe the marker from the screen and snap a picture with the device. The first to make it to the end of the challenge will be rewarded with a special giveaway prize.

• Battle Field : Ultra Power Saving: Turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode on one of the studio’s S5 devices and enter the wind machine in a bid to collect as many tickets as possible. When your time comes to an end, receive a special giveaway prize based on the number of tickets collected.

• Battle Field: S Health – Shooting: Prove your shooting skills on the studio’s soccer field and try your hand at hitting the target to win a spot prize.

In addition to the spot prizes, visitors that participate in each product demonstration or interactive station will also be awarded with stamps that can be redeemed for various prizes such as limited edition, Galaxy 11-themed KidRobot toy and Galaxy 11-branded merchandise.

Starting off from London in late April, the Galaxy 11 World Tour is visiting Dubai as part of its world tour to spread the excitement of sport, entertainment, and demonstrate the latest Samsung mobile technology.

Samsung has also recently unveiled the Galaxy 11 Training Video to give fans a glimpse of the rigorous training that the Galaxy 11 team is currently undergoing to prepare for Earth’s ultimate shutdown. Fans will be able to see how the players are using Samsung Galaxy devices to get ready for this epic match, engage with the campaign, and enhance their everyday experiences.