Securitas UAE offers wide array of value-added services

April 7, 2014 11:22 am

The world’s security services market is experiencing long-term growth, thanks to the amazing development across the globe. Industrialization, growing wealth and improved infrastructure as well as increased trade and privatization are all driving the demand for security services. This growing market for security services covers all sectors, geographical markets and industries.

With emerging economies fast taking centre stage, the Asian economies, and countries across Middle East and Eastern Europe are driving this increased spending on commercial security. In specific, the UAE is fast evolving as the hub for business, retail and tourism, with a wide spectrum of attractions and avenues on offer.

As the UAE continues its frenetic pace of development across sectors, the need for security mechanism is also growing correspondingly. Whether it is the offices, malls, leisure destinations or homes, there is an inherent potential for world-class security solutions.

Catering to this burgeoning demand is Securitas UAE, which offers the perfect fit with its industry-best, trained staff and the latest technology. Securitas services a wide range of customers in a variety of industries and customer segments, ranging from governments, airports, infrastructure, offices, banks, shopping centers, hotels, manufacturing industries, mining industries, hospitals and residential areas to high-tech and IT companies.

The company’s size of the customers varies from the ‘shop on the corner’ to global multi-billion industries – no wonder it employs 300,000 people in 52 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With the evolving security needs, the most important trends in the security services market today are increased use of technology, customized and cost-effective services, and a greater focus on risk management, something which Securitas offers with excellence.

Gaetan Desclee, Country President of Securitas UAE, said, “In the Middle East in general and the UAE in particular, there is a greater share of technology content within the security solutions industry. These new technologies allow security companies to offer customers even higher efficiency and quality in security solutions, and we at Securitas offer this. Customers view technological progress as positive, and the most effective security solutions are created through an optimum combination of technology and manned guarding.”

The company believes that increased use of technology allows security companies to offer customers even higher efficiency and quality in security solutions. “Each industry, company and operation has specific needs and requirements in terms of security. Customers expect suppliers to identify and respond to their specific challenges. We at Securitas UAE devote greater attention to security issues. Factors that contribute to this trend include a higher level of insecurity in society, the increased cost of disruptions to business, and greater security demands by customers and insurers,” added Mr. Desclee.

To meet these demands, Securitas recently announced the launch of Securitas Vision, a secure and scalable web-based site security management application that provides innovation, accountability and efficiency which takes security to new levels of excellence. The application combines incident management, tour veri?cation, task scheduling and incident alert notification into one easy-to-use application to help enhance the overall security in the premises.

Similarly, Securitas offers the Innovative Information Management Solution wherein one can receive real time alerts on incidents, access to officers’ duty and procedures, daily activity reports via online access. “We are the first company in the UAE to offer this world-class solution,” he added.

As a recent value-addition, Securitas UAE also announced that it is now offering the world-class Seccredo AB’s risk, intelligence and security management services in the UAE, to deliver high-level consultancy across the GCC. Seccredo AB is the consulting arm of Securitas Group. With this, Securitas is able to offer value-added services, expertise and knowledge across the risk, crisis and security management domains in the GCC.

Seccredo offers independent consultancy in line with the client’s specific requisites, providing customized and holistic, rather than product-based, solutions, thus extending advanced security consultancy in targeted spheres. This further reinforces the value-added security solutions offered by Securitas in the UAE, where it enjoys a quality customer base with its portfolio diversified across customer segments between the public and private sectors across a variety of industries, ranging from UAE governments, airports, shopping malls, banks, hotels and hospitals among others.

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