UAE-designed tablet ‘tailor-made’ for Arab world

November 28, 2013 1:00 pm

Update:’s own tablet a strong option for those on a budget

With hundreds of tablet options now available, made a bold choice in making their foray into the market. AMEinfo got its hands on the device to see how it holds up against the main players.


Body the slim 7.5mm shell means the QTAB is easy to stow away, and won’t weigh down your bag. The device itself is down-to-earth but reasonably elegant.

Display an 8 inch screen nests your tablet between a more functional laptop and a more portable smartphone. While perhaps not freeing you to do ‘real work’, it does provide the optimum screen size for web browsing on the go.

Powera quad core processor with Android JellyBean (4.2.2) will ensure a slick enough performance, as per similar-powered devices. The QTAB’s 1GB of RAM isn’t stellar but should ensure enough responsiveness for basic functionality.

 QTAB unveiled the QTAB in September and the firm boasts that the low-cost tablet, designed in the UAE, contains features that are similar to those of ‘expensive devices’ and was designed to push relevant content to those on a budget.

Available in black and white, the QTAB runs on Android Jelly Bean and has an eight-inch multi-touch screen with a Quad Core processor and 16GB of built in memory, which is expandable with a microSD card. Its HDMI and USB ports offer both wired connectivity and standard WiFi access.

“With the launch of the QTAB, we want to ensure that high-quality access to mobile content through tablet devices is more affordable and not just exclusively available to those with high-end devices,” says Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO of “That’s why we made the QTAB with an affordable price point, but with features that match those of expensive devices.”

Recent research from Ooyala reveals that the consumption of video content through tablet devices is witnessing a huge growth worldwide and the time spent on watching videos using tablets have increased by a massive 59 per cent, during Q1 2013 alone. Saudi Arabia is currently the biggest consumer of YouTube content and has the highest number of YouTube viewers in the world per internet user.

“The tablet market in the Middle East region is overtaking the PC market and Q3 sales figures show an upswing of more than 208 per cent, according to the IDC. Tablets with the Android OS account for approximately 72 per cent and we are happy to add to this range with the new ‘Designed in Dubai’ tablet,” adds Mouchawar.

“Considering our experience in the region, we are also working on a content integration program, teaming up with local content providers in the UAE to eventually provide QTAB consumers with a local and tailor-made experience, with applications and features that will make life easier for UAE consumers,” he says.