UAE startup enables businesses to harness the power of the crowd

June 9, 2014 12:09 pm

Task Spotting FZ-LLC, a Dubai-based tech startup launched a platform that leverages the concept of crowdsourcing to help companies improve their retail performance. Karim Aly, CEO and co-founder of Task Spotting describes it as “a simple way to connect businesses looking to get real-time market information with smartphone users who are ready and able to provide it”.

Through its network of app users (‘the crowd’) who complete simple tasks at the places they go to everyday like malls, retailers and restaurants, Task Spotting is set to give companies a whole new perspective on what’s actually happening on the ground. The crowd completes these tasks, which could range from mystery shopping to retail audits, directly on their smartphone in exchange for cash rewards.

Task Spotting is the first app of its kind in the Middle East and is poised to disrupt the market research industry. Up until now, businesses have had to rely on research houses to gather their market information. However, data accuracy and timeliness are both major points of concern and the archaic pen and paper based process is awkward in its execution. Task Spotting harnesses mobile technology to solve this real business issue, eliminating many of the traditional challenges.

“Imagine being able to reach out to thousands of consumers, ask them for the information you need and receive it back in real-time – all at the touch of a button. That’s a powerful proposition.” says Dirk Stevens, Head of Business Development and co-founder. With Task Spotting, companies are able to receive results in days, rather than weeks or months. Owing to smartphone technology, businesses can also receive photos, videos and audio to augment the information, meanwhile, everything is GPS-verified to ensure accuracy.

Businesses today need to make informed decisions faster than ever before in order to remain competitive. Being able to gain a perspective through the eyes of the consumer and hear feedback in real-time is invaluable. Testimony to this fact is that Task Spotting has already secured a number of anchor clients eager to pilot the platform as soon as it launches.

About Task Spotting: Task Spotting is an innovative platform that combines mobile app technology with the power of the crowd. We give businesses local and real-time visibility on what their consumers are experiencing to drive higher performance. Businesses are able to capture genuine data, opinions and emotions directly from the touch points.

For more information please contact:
Nadia Mankani
Director, Marketing & Communications
Task Spotting FZ-LLC
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