Umniah enters unprecedented partnership with Facebook

June 17, 2014 1:03 pm

Based on its efforts to keep up with the latest technologies in the ICT sector as well as better serve its customers, Umniah has entered a strategic partnership with Facebook, an international leading social network.

According to the new partnership, which is the first of its kind in Jordan, Umniah offers advanced Facebook services to subscribers at reasonable prices hence, giving them privileged access to the 1.2 billion user network worldwide including 3 million users in Jordan. The user can now enjoy unlimited Facebook browsing, Facebook messenger and Facebook voice only for one dinar by pressing *888# to purchase this service.

The agreement was signed on the sidelines of the 11th Convergence Summit organized by the Arab Advisors Group in Amman on June 2nd and 3rd, and saw the participation of 500 prominent officials in the ICT sector. The summit discussed the latest trends and challenges in the ICT sector and ways to increase broadband internet usage, mobile internet services and the popularity of social media networks.

Umniah further announced that the partnership gives added value to subscribers through its IM services in addition to free social networking services. The agreement with Facebook reflects the importance of the added value gained when Umniah’s name is related to a pioneering international name as Facebook and emphasizes the telecom company’s support for innovation. Umniah realizes that broadband internet services have a growing significance in the everyday lives of citizens, which is why it places great focus on offering such services.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the occasion saying, “The strategic partnership is the first of its kind in Jordan and reflects the focus Umniah places on improving and promoting broadband Internet, social networking and IM services.”

Mr. Hinnawi later confirmed that the partnership gives privileged access to subscribers of social network users and compliments previously made partnerships with online companies such as Skype, TrueCaller and WhatsApp. Moreover, such apps have proven to be greatly important to users around the world.

The Growth & Mobile Partnership Lead of Facebook, Mr.Hadi Mousa also added, “We are glad to announce our recent partnership with Umniah aiming to improve access to facebook at affordable rates & increase the engagement of the service, as we currently focus on working very closely with mobile operators resulting to enhance such partnerships in the Middle East and other regions. This new service from Umniah is the start of more future collaborations in which this will help expand Umniah user base in addition to supporting its continued focus in offering innovative OTT services in the Jordanian market.”