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Abu Dhabi Municipal System showcases legislations, projects in Cityscape Abu Dhabi

April 26, 2014 11:19 am

The Abu Dhabi Municipal System, represented by Abu Dhabi Municipality City, Al Ain Municipality, and the Western Region Municipality, is taking part in the 8th Cityscape edition hosted by the capital city Abu Dhabi under the auspices of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, on April 22nd at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

The Municipal System will exhibit a number of projects, initiatives and services the majority of which are focused on improving sustainability standards, and the community service, in keeping with the vision set for the Municipal System to achieve the sustainable development and boost the standards of life quality in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The participation of the Municipal System in Cityscape, which is considered one of the largest specialist shows for property development projects, stems from the importance attached to the real estate sector in the UAE, and the prominent standing enjoyed by this showpiece in the building & property development industry. This year’s renewal attracts scores of local, regional and international leading businesses of the industry, and the event will witness the holding of a number of sessions that will debate the present and future of the real estate sector in the UAE and the Middle East in general, featuring participation of dozens of developers, investors, financiers and decision makers in the property sector.

The implementation of the Building Codes will be one of the prime projects to be showcased in the stand of the Department of Municipal Affairs and the Municipalities. These codes, which have been developed at world-class standards, will contribute to providing distinguished municipal services capable of raising the standard of living of citizens and residents of the Emirate, and diffusing a new culture amongst building experts based on taking pride on belonging to this sector, assuming responsibility, and boosting the safety levels of all buildings.

These Building Codes include Abu Dhabi International Building Code, Abu Dhabi International Energy Conservation Code, Abu Dhabi International Mechanical Code, Abu Dhabi International Property Maintenance Code, Abu Dhabi International Fuel Gas Code, and Abu Dhabi International Private Sewage Disposal Code.
The Municipal System will also showcase the new smart addressing system; which is a strategic initiative at the UAE level spearheaded by the DMA in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain City Municipality, and the Western Region Municipality, encompassing the introduction of more than 200 unique & private addresses covering each house and office in the Emirate, in addition to launching new names for more than 200 districts, more than 12,000 streets, and the installation of more than 20,000 guidance signs for roads and places.

The Addressing System will assist in realizing the economic and social objectives of the Emirate and rendering the cities of Abu Dhabi Emirate an ideal environment in terms of using state-of-the-art systems that reflect a superb urbanization level in support of prosperity and stability of all residents and visitors.

The scope of the municipal participation in the Exhibition is so broad to encompass a whole host of leading projects, initiatives and services rendered by Abu Dhabi City Municipality to the populace, most of which are oriented towards cementing the standards of sustainability, and serving the community. The final deliverables revolve around the sustainable development strategy through long-term plans for supplying power, conserving resources, using renewable technologies & applications, and adopting best-in-class techniques for operating and generalizing the implementation of these deliverables all projects undertaken in a way that reinforces the Municipality’s communal and environmental responsibility.

Al Ain City Municipality will exhibit during the event a number of projects such as the landscaping of main roads using ornamental plants as well as erecting a 3-D model of local flora in main roads, the geographical zoning of the geophysical study areas at Al Ain region, the Geological Park project, e-services for building permits, municipal services outlet, and the standardization of users files.

The Western Region Municipality will exhibit several projects in the Show in the field of services through which it seeks to realize the vision of the Municipal System in achieving sustainable development, and improving life quality standards in Abu Dhabi Emirate.