Agaoglu gives Middle East opportunity to be first to invest in Istanbul International Finance Center project

September 22, 2014 1:38 pm

Cityscape Global is one of the most significant real estate events in the world where approximately 35 thousand investors get a chance to meet representatives from the industry.

Agaoglu is once again a participant at Cityscape Global this year, showcasing their most exclusive projects after two years of successful participation.

Istanbul International Financial Center, My Newwork and Maslak 1453 are the main projects that are showcased at Cityscape Global 2014. In addition to their participation, Agaolu is giving the Middle East the opportunity to be the first to invest in the Istanbul International Financial Center project, not only opening its doors to the region but making it their priority.

Cityscape Global has been a very efficient platform for Agaoglu as it brings together the biggest investors from the Gulf region, making way for successful partnerships and expansion.

Istanbul International Financial Center will make its mark at Cityscape Global
Istanbul International Financial Centre is getting ready to have its name written in gold letters at Cityscape Global. Agaoglu Group expects to receive a great deal of attention again this year for one of the most outstanding financial centers in the world.

The Financial Centre is regarded as Agaoglu’s most important project because it will increase Turkey’s share in the international capital movement by enhancing Istanbul’s power of attraction. The project is designed to be the best and the most contemporary Financial Centre in the world in terms of the security and technology it offers. The project will be the center of financial and monetary transactions and is expected to receive a lot of attention from the investors of the Gulf region.

For the construction of the Istanbul International Financial Centre Agaoglu will use its own resources to complete all excavation work, the common infrastructures, access routes and roads, open and closed parking areas, the reinforced concrete manufacturing for the construction of the metro station, the ground improvement for the project site and all structural and vegetative landscape work for the project. Once complete, Istanbul International Financial Center is going to be a new business and shopping hub for both Turkish and international investors. The project is planned to offer shopping and entertainment opportunities along with the different attractions available for the first time with this project such as the museum of ancient coins.

Hosts include: The Central Bank, Halkbank, Vak?fbank, Ziraat Bank and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey in addition to private sector investments by Agaoglu and IS GYO (Real Estate Investment Trust Company).

My Newwork new office project launch for international investors
My Newwork will be showcased as another investment opportunity located in the emerging business center of Turkey targeting the Turkish and international market. %25 of the project has been sold already to foreigners. Gulf countries composed the major part of the sales.

My Newwork is not only an architecturally aesthetic business center but also a prestigious investment at the heart of the business and financial center. Adding a new vision to the office concept, the project offers spacious office plans, business units, theatre hall and an art center all in one location.

Maslak 1453 first two phases will completed by in 2015 and once again will be the favorite project in the exhibition
Following the reciprocity law which enabled selling real estate properties to foreign citizens, Maslak 1453 appeared on the world scene for the first time at Cityscape Global in 2013 in Dubai. Agaoglu received great attention from international investors that established a ground for a record of sales of 2 blocks from Maslak 1453 for $200m to a big Saudi investor marked the largest volume of real estate sold in one go following the law of reciprocity. After the completion of the first 2 phases by 2015, Agaoglu is expecting an extensive increase of interest from Middle East.

Maslak 1453 also stands out with distinctive architecture that offers spacious squares, a theater and a fashion center reaching international standards. The project is spread on a 1453m street and contains 24 towers, the tallest one having 55 floors and the shorter tower having 21 floors.

Ali Agaoglu, Chairman of gAgao?lu Group of Companies said, “Turkey is still a very attractive country for the Gulf nations. Cityscape Global offers great opportunities to connect the investors from the Gulf region with the projects in Turkey. The potential for the investment from the region increases every year with more projects showcased at Cityscape Global in Dubai.”

Agaoglu continued his remarks with the following: “We have received a turnover of $1.5bn from our sales to foreign investors so far. We cannot deny the contribution of Cityscape Global Exhibition to this turnover. We have completed enormous sales to foreign customers in our Maslak 1453 project which we launched at Cityscape Exhibition two years ago.”

The Agaoglu Group has diversified its business efforts in the Gulf market in line with the attention it has received in the region through the first international office launched in Dubai in 2013.

Another major impact of the Cityscape Global Exhibition is that it made it possible to closely monitor the global real estate markets. Agaoglu went on to say, “Hundreds of projects from more than 110 countries will be showcased in the exhibition. These are all exclusive projects. Here we have an on-site chance to monitor and analyze the global real estate market. The exhibition also provides the opportunity to build relationships with the other players in the sector in addition to gaining investors and bringing along new partnerships and cooperation opportunities.”

Pointing to the fact that Agaoglu projects always had a distinctive character in every sense among all the projects showcased in the exhibition, Ali Agaoglu concluded his remarks by saying, “Our projects out do all other projects in every sense thanks to their architectural design and technical peculiarities. It will be the same this year. This year will be the year of Agaoglu once again.”

Agaoglu participates in Cityscape Global in Hall 8 with the stand number 8D10.