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DM intensifies campaigns to check building violations

May 18, 2014 1:15 pm

As part of efforts to maintain the health & safety levels of buildings in Dubai as well as to ensure the general beauty of the city, and also in line with its vision ‘Our Buildings ..World’s Dream’, Building Department at Dubai Municipality has intensified its routine campaigns and inspections.

It was announced by Eng. Khalid Mohammed Salih, Director of Building Department, Dubai Municipality.

He said his department is driving these campaigns in tune with Dubai Municipality’s vision in the field of strengthening policies related to urban planning and attaining balance between use of land and sustainable urban development.

According to him the campaigns are targeting building violations in general and unlicensed building additions in particular.

He said random inspections will be carried out in residential and commercials areas as part of the drive to find out violations and to correct it according to the regulations.

‘Violations, especially additions bring negative image on the concerned buildings as well as to the area lays adjacent to them, he said.

‘And these unlicensed activities pose a great threat to the health & safety of the public, he added further.

Eng. Jabir Ahmed Al-Ali, head of building inspection section said, his section is carrying out awareness campaigns on the negative impact of building violations on the city through a range of means.

He pointed that inspection section has recently distributed a pamphlet titled ‘How to protect your home’ as part of ‘My House Is Green’ campaign.

According to him, the pamphlet contained information on the best practices to be implemented to protect and lengthen life span of buildings.

He noted that illegal additions have reported to be causing electricity overload in the cables and has caused fire in many instances.

‘As normally people use materials that are not of approved category, fire brings more danger, he added.

‘Apart from all these bad impacts, additions and illegal stay causes scarcity in parking lots and sewage facilities in addition to the health risks of inadequate air circulation, he added.

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