Dubai Land Department launches new customer suggestion campaign

August 6, 2014 1:30 pm

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced that it has launched a new customer suggestion campaign in order to improve the level of services it offers to its clients.

The government real estate authority says that the comprehensive feedback programme will allow it to better understand the views of those who benefit from its activities in Dubai’s property sector, which in turn will enable it to raise the its standard of performance to the highest level.

“The most prominent outcome that we are aiming to achieve from our new campaign is the provision of better services for all our customers,” said Majida Ali Rashid, Assistant Director General, and Head of Investment Management and Promotion Centre, DLD. “We are looking forward to moving from the customer service feedback level of ‘satisfaction’ to one of ‘happiness’. Receiving detailed information on how well we are doing allows us to more effectively translate the wise real estate directives of the Dubai government. Ultimately, this mechanism will help the department become a centre of innovation, development and excellence,” she added.

“Of course, we cannot achieve this target without our customers’ participation, which in this case involves them leaving vital comments about the services we provide and putting forward ideas for improvements. We are studying all suggestions we receive and assigning specialists in our departments to evaluate them and consider ways we can change things for the better. We guarantee that all customers leaving feedback will have their contributions reviewed by DLD staff,” Majida continued.

DLD is asking its customers to express their views about the organisation’s standards in three of its departments: Real Estate Registration Services Department, Customer Services Department and Real Estate Relationships Management Services Department. Those interested in giving their opinion can visit DLD’s head office click on the dedicated link for Dubai government services feedback:

DLD’s customer service campaign will continue to accept suggestions until August 13th. After assessing all submissions, the department will choose the best and place them in a raffle for a significant prize. The winner will also be invited to explain his suggestion for improvement on DLD’s social media channels.

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