Dubai Land Department launches Real Estate Connect Programme

June 24, 2014 4:37 pm

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced the launch of the Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect programme, a scheme from the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the educational arm of the government department. The programme will commence with a visit to Brazil undertaken by a number of local real estate sector stakeholders, such as government property organisations, real estate developers, real estate brokers and employees at DLD.

“Through this programme we are opening the door for those interested in the real estate sector to learn about the experiences of other countries and to create a global network for Dubai real estate professionals,” said Mahmoud Al Burai, Director of DREI. “In addition, this scheme aims to raise the profile of Dubai by highlighting its impressive evolution that has seen it become one of the most important cities for attracting investments in the real estate sector. DLD chose Brazil because it’s a member of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies, which have shown advanced economic developments and significant achievements over the past two decades,” he added.

The Real Estate Connect programme’s week-long visit to Brazil commences on August 27 and will start with a conference organised by the SECOVI Brazilians Developers Association, which is one of the largest real estate organisations in the country. The DLD delegation will participate in the three-day conference, which covers themes relating to global markets and the property development industry.

On the fourth day of the programme, the DLD delegation will undertake a tour to learn about the important real estate development projects taking place in the city of Sao Paulo. They will attend a course offered by the Faculty of Real Estate and Construction department at the University of Sao Paulo which outlines the latest developments, trends and indicators in international real estate investment. The programme will conclude with a trip to the Brazilian Real Estate Awards Ceremony, one of the world’s most prestigious awards programmes, which is organised by the International Real Estate Federation.

The Dubai Global Initiative Real Estate Connect programme aims to facilitate the exchange of property development experiences with cities across the world. Its goal is to educate and develop the capacity of workers in the real estate sector and create opportunities for joint cooperation. It is expected that visits organised under the scheme will build informal networking associations and professional relationships for workers in the local real estate sector with their counterparts abroad. This will help introduce the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular to real estate organisations across the world, thereby creating greater global opportunities for international property stakeholders.