Dubai Land Department sets new Guinness World Records title

May 27, 2014 2:50 pm

Dubai Land Department (DLD) is celebrating its success in breaking a Guinness World Records title. The government real estate organisation has just put together the largest sticky notes mosaic, breaking the previous world record that was set in Belgium in 2012.

The mosaic, which was formed using 300,000 notes, is part of DLD’s ‘Together for a Better Future’ campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness about autism in the UAE. After authenticating the achievement, a delegation from Guinness World Records visited DLD to provide an official certificate from the organisation acknowledging its success.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, Head of DLD and Majida Ali Rashid, assistant Director General of DLD, received the Guinness World Records delegation at the department’s headquarters on 26 May 2014, accepting from them the certificate for the ‘Largest Sticky Notes Mosaic.’

“Once the mosaic had been completed and we could see the ‘Autism awareness Ribbon’ that runs through it, as well as the ‘Together for a Better Future’ slogan, we felt the true value of our success,” said HH Sheikh Mohammed. “We have proved DLD’s capacity to undertake a Record breaking challenge that has raised awareness of those with autism in our society. Creative initiatives such as this show our responsibility to those in need and we are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the project’s success, our employees, partners and customers,” he added.

“The goal of this initiative was to show support and backing to children with autism, as well as their families and the associations that work with them,” said Sultan Butti Bin Mejren. “The staff members at DLD showed an incredible level of dedication and commitment to this noble cause and have made every effort to ensure its success. Their hard work has highlighted the name of Dubai and showed the world our compassion and care for all sections of our society,” he added.

DLD’s world record achievement required an incredible level of planning and coordination to ensure its success, with a number of teams working over a period of several weeks to place the 300,000 sticky notes that would form the final mosaic. The memo-style pieces of paper were affixed to 300 separate boards, each board measuring 2.8 metres by 97.5 centimetres. Now fully assembled, the mosaic covers an area the size of 581.4 square metres.

DLD cooperated with numerous organisations in the mosaic initiative, with government departments, schools, sports clubs and social institutions keen to offer their assistance. Thousands of volunteers, including government employees, students and members of the public, helped in sticking the notes to the boards that had been circulated around Dubai. Now finished, the final step in the project is to move the mosaic to the Al Shabab Al Arabi Club.

“DLD would like to thank everyone who supported us in this worthy initiative, especially the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Dubai Educational Zone, Post it® Brand, Emirates Transportation, the Dubai Autism Centre and the Al Noor Centre,” said Majida Ali Rashid, Assistant DG of DLD. “We would also like to thank all the schools, students, members of the public and government workers who helped us place the sticky notes onto the boards, where the number of participants reached up to 10 thousand participants in the initiative. In addition, we are very grateful to the Guinness World Records’ team who cooperated with us to ensure that we met the required international standards for the creation of a world record,” she added.

Samer Khallouf, Project Manager Middle East and North Africa at Guinness World Records, said, “This record is not only based on the number of sticky notes used. The mosaic must represent a recognisable image when viewed in its entirety without any significant gaps and all sticky notes used must be of the same size. After confirming all the guidelines are met, it’s with great pleasure that I announce on behalf of Guinness World Records that the previous 190,066 record set in Belgium in 2012 is now broken with 300,000 sticky notes. I would like to congratulate Dubai Land Department on becoming officially amazing. The participation of different members of society in the autism awareness campaign adds more to the value of this achievement.”