Dubai Real Estate Institute launches new property courses

March 4, 2014 10:11 am

The Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) has announced the launch of a range of courses aimed at assisting Dubai’s existing real estate workers, as well as providing a formal educational entry route for those who are keen to kick-start their career in the city’s property sector.

The organisation, which is the educational arm of the Dubai Land Department (DLD), says that the introduction of the four specialist learning programmes is in line with DLD’s overall strategic direction to disseminate information of the Dubai’s real estate market and contribute to a sustainable construction boom.

“DREI works on a long-term strategy based on a well-defined plans and programmes and ultimately aims to provide the best qualified competencies in the real estate market in Dubai and the UAE in general,” said Mahmoud Al Burai, Director of the DREI.

“It has formulated a range of courses that will help those interested in upgrading their expertise and knowledge for professional development, which will also benefit the companies they work for. Within the programme are courses that are suitable for those thinking of starting out on a property management career,” he added.

This shortest of the four courses being offered by DREI and the first of the four to commence, starting on March 14th, is the Home Inspection and Snagging course. Following a structure of eight hours tuition, this programme highlights the benefits and the importance of home inspection, outlining the best practices techniques used to raise the quality of construction. It also describes some of the problems that can arise through lack of inspection and reveals the correct method for writing inspection reports.

The second course is the Certified Property Management (CPM) course, which runs for a total of 12 hours over March 26-27th. The CPM course is being made available to skilled and experienced property management and asset management professionals working in the field of management and non-rental properties. This certified training delivers a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of the property management profession, providing powerful practical tips and tools.

The third course being made available from DREI is the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) course, which is aimed at enhancing and upgrading the skills of real estate leaders who work in the residential property market. This four-part classroom course identifies the successful systems and strategies used by the professionals in the residential real estate sector and provides 32 hours of tuition, running from March 30th to April 2nd.

The Certified Diploma in Real Estate course, which runs from March 30th to April 2nd with 40 hours of tuition, is the fourth course being offered from DREI. Designed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the property sector, the Certified Diploma in Real Estate has been formulated to develop best practices in the real estate market. The programme’s in-depth tuition is aimed at increasing levels of knowledge about the industry and the local community, as well as developing and enhancing the necessary skills to become a professional real estate practitioner.

“These DREI courses benefit the real estate market in general, and specifically investors and customers from landlords and tenants and buyers, because the existence of specialised skills to help them achieve their needs easily and in flexible ways, thanks to the knowledge of personnel requirements and legislative systems,” said Al Burai.

“The Institute will be organising more courses throughout the coming months due to the high demand from the people working in the real estate companies and the growing market need for specialists in various real estate activities,” he added.