Dutch architect reveals new plan for Saudi’s Unaizah

August 10, 2014 8:56 am

Erick van Egeraat, a Dutch architect has revealed a new plan for Unaizah city in Saudi Arabia. The architecture studio’s concept design for the city has been approved and the team is now working on further developments to the master plan and associated new-build structures, said the World Architecture new.com report. The initial designs include a ring road which encircles the 58-hectare city centre. The one-way road would comprise four lanes of vehicular traffic and create a continuous elliptical circuit with a diameter of 800m (east to west) and 920m (north to south), it said. The system will be coupled with a north-south underground road which would pass beneath the centre of the city, said the report. Both the above- and below-ground routes will link to underground parking garages, eliminating vehicular access to the main city centre. Within the limits of the city centre will be retail buildings, residential structures, mosques, and a major shopping mall.