Estidama requirements integrated in Abu Dhabi International Building Codes

June 9, 2014 12:44 pm

As part of the joint cooperation between the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, in the best public interest to promote building & construction industry in the emirate, and enhance the quality of services on offer to citizens, the three entities have concluded an agreement to integrate the requirements of ‘Estidama’ Pearl Villa Rating System for rating 1 Pearl Villas in Abu Dhabi International Building Codes issued by the DMA, prior to the mandatory implementation of these codes to all government projects as of October 2014.

Commenting on the move, HE Engineer Ahmed Mohammed Shareef, Undersecretary of the Department of Municipal Affairs, said: “The integration of Estidama requirements in in Abu Dhabi International Building Codes will establish a unified legislative, technical reference for all building works in Abu Dhabi emirate to prevent unnecessary duplication of provisions, standards, and specifications. It will also have a positive bearing on facilitating and streamlining the implementation of these requirements, thus eliminating any confusion or ambiguity in the building & construction industry.

HE Mohammed Sughaier Al Dhahri, Executive Director of the Municipal Affairs Governance Sector, Department of Municipal Affairs, said, “The agreement to integrate Estidama requirements in Abu Dhabi International Building Codes comes within the framework of cooperation between the strategic partners in the public sector to improve the quality of services rendered to citizens in the building and construction sector. It will also strengthen the DMA’s efforts in achieving sustainable development in the emirate in line with the Abu Dhabi’s economic Vision 2030.”

He pointed out to the health, environmental and economic benefits of this process, adding: “Estidama program contributes to enhancing the design and construction of villas where materials and products used in the construction process such as water equipment, insulation systems, windows, and air conditioning equipment, among others, should meet the requirements of Rating System of 1 Pearl for villas in keeping with the world-best practices of the industry and at the same time address the needs of the community, local environment and economy.

For her part, engineer Yasmeen Saadah, Director of Regulations, Department of Municipal Affairs, said: “This decision will contribute to simplifying and streamlining transactions and procedures related to building permits in the Municipal System, and ensure the delivery of best services to citizens in building & construction industry besides saving time, effort and costs. Integrating Estidama requirements in Abu Dhabi International Building Codes reflect the efforts put by the DMA and its strategic partners to improve on the services provided to citizens, promote sustainability principles and implement them in villas in a way that contributes to promoting the quality of these principles and rendering the emirate one of the best sustainable places worldwide.

It should be noted that Estidama is a Pearl Rating System and contributes to enhancing the quality of buildings, performance of ventilation & air conditioning technologies, reducing operation & maintenance costs, optimizing power & water consumption, slashing carbon emissions and prolonging the life span of villas.

The Department of Municipal Affairs has coordinated with Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council the optimal implementation of Estidama system where the municipalities started the activation of Estidama requirements upon the issuances of building permits and completion certificates. The Municipal System had set up a team of experts comprising engineers and specialists of sustainable environmental design and tasked them with the responsibility of establishing and improving the mechanism of applying the standards and stipulations of sustainability through communicating with the personnel of the construction and property sector to ease the procedures of registration, review requirements & layouts, and provide technical support in technological aspects of the system.

The work team, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, held several awareness workshops to explain these conditions and requirements, and stress the importance of addressing them in architectural and engineering designs of various projects. The Municipal System has identified some models of completed projects to make them accessible to the concerned bodies as illustrative models. It has also developed the buildings permits procedures where Estidama had been incorporated as a requisite of the process, and had also been added as an integral part of buildings e-licensing of program.

Abu Dhabi International Building Codes, of which Abu Dhabi International Building Code forms an integral part, constitute the basic reference to the engineering provisions, technical stipulations and standard specifications governing the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of buildings. These Codes aim in the first respect at creating high-quality buildings that facilitate the protection of humans, properties, and investments against potential risks such as fires. This will accordingly pave the way for achieving sustainable development and nurturing a sustainable urban environment in the Emirate offering the highest levels of security, health and safety to residents.

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