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Furnished apartments enjoy high occupancy rates in Riyadh, says expert

August 17, 2014 9:09 am

“Furnished apartments have made a niche market. This is because of tourists and transient visitors seeking accommodation for a few days at competitive rates,” said a housing expert, who’s involved in the construction industry, Zawya reported. At present, furnished apartments are enjoying high occupancy rates, with some of them fully booked. The expert noted that furnished apartments are also currently being constructed in various districts of Riyadh, such as Al-Dubat area, just off the Old Airport Road. “They include flats with a single or two bedrooms with bathrooms. There are also rooms for the whole family interested in paying less for more, so to speak,” he said. He noted that in addition to the existing furnished apartments, there are also multistory housing accommodation buildings being constructed, and these are being said to be rented out for transient visitors to the city. “These are located in Malaz and Al-Sulaimania districts,” he said.