GCC’s unique Outdoor Design Build & Supply trade show kicks off

April 2, 2014 10:15 am

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality has inaugurated the second edition of Outdoor Design Build & Supply trade show, the only dedicated trade show for outdoor design and supply sector in the GCC, at World Trade Center, Dubai. Lootah also inaugurated the ‘Urban Agenda 2020’ Conference held in sidelines of the show. The show will continue till 2 of April 2014.

Having delivered the opening speech, he pointed out that with the real estate sector witnessing renewed growth, and governments becoming increasingly focused on green space development, the GCC region’s landscaping industry will witness growing demand for energy and water-efficient technologies as well as qualified horticultural and agricultural engineering experts.

‘The UAE currently stipulates that nearly 25 per cent of the project development area must be set aside for landscaping, in addition to various emirates across the country focusing on building new parks and landscaped zones. Statistics from Dubai Municipality highlight this trend. Over the last 30 years in Dubai alone, the number of landscaping projects completed per year has risen by over 600%, reflecting the emirate’s dedication towards increasing urban green spaces,’ Lootah said.

‘Dubai Municipality also estimates that the total green space in the emirate has increased by over four million square meters in the last three years to 28 million square metres by 2012, and this is set to grow in line with the Government’s commitment to creating more sustainable outdoor environments,’ he said.

Eng. Taleb Julfar, Director of Public Parks and Irrigation at Dubai Municipality, said: “Dubai winning the right to host World Expo 2020 is a natural step in the UAE’s next stage of real estate and infrastructure growth, which will witness increasing demand for sustainable outdoor space in the coming years. At a time of renewed growth in the industry in the UAE, the Outdoor Design Build & Supply show will serve as a timely platform for industry participants who will showcase new innovation and sustainable ideas.

‘Unlike many developed nations who are in the process of shelving infrastructure plans, developments throughout the UAE are on the rise. This underlines the importance of further integrating green space and urban landscaping into infrastructure projects, not just in the UAE but across the region. We believe that the Outdoor Design Build & Supply show is a unique platform to further aligning best practice strategies for the future of the region’s landscape architecture industry,’ Julfar said.

‘The industry’s growth is expected to spur further demand for landscape contractors, outdoor lighting, recreation and park equipment, water features, playground equipment, flooring solutions, irrigation and water management innovations, horticulture, planning and design services, among others,’ he said.

The leading outdoor design and landscaping event in the region showcased a wide range of hard and soft landscaping products and services. The event also serves as a unique platform to interact and network with important industry stakeholders.

‘A successful, livable city functions as its own ecosystem. It balances its social, economic and environmental needs through smart urban planning,’ said Najib Mohammed Saleh, head of Dubai Urban Plan 2020 at Dubai Municipality during the Urban Agenda 2020 conference.

‘Dubai has crafted its economic vision 2020, and to now fulfill that goal of being a global business hub and economic centre, our strategy is to prioritize the needs of its citizens and build on these whilst being socially equitable and environmentally sustainable, as well as being economically driven. To ensure the continued growth of the Emirate, we are setting out to construct a livable city that is totally modeled around the needs of the people that inhabit it through intelligent urban mapping and efficient design,’ Saleh said.

The Urban Agenda 2020 is a visioning conference that is setting out a holistic and cohesive view to Dubai’s city planning. The conference creates a discourse amongst industry leaders and decision-makers and the general public to collectively work together to achieve a SMART 2020 Dubai. It addresses the impact of leisure and education on livability, also examining the influence of tourism and a city’s creative economy.