Kronos Development awed by the demand in Cityscape from GCC for Istanbul Properties

October 7, 2014 1:42 pm

Kronos Development signed to sell MOUs for portfolio 100 million dollars of Istanbul Properties during Cityscape in its projects Çengelköy Park overlooking Bosphorus and centrally located Brooklyn Park project in Yeni Fikirtepe. “Dubai is for us the hub where we can reach three quarters of world population. We met buyers from GCC, Russia, Kazahstan, Iran, Afganistan, India and China” quoted Moustafa Samim Hatipo?lu the founding partner of Kronos Development.

Istanbul is a unique offering with its history, attractions, cousine and especialy people. It is a Muslim country with a vision that can be an example for all the Arab countries. The infrastructure investments of airports, bridges, roads, railways and power stations made it a very strong economy withstanding economic crisis in the last decade.

Çengelkoy Park overlooking Bosphourus is one of the projects that has been offered to buyers during Citiscape.. While developing the concept of Çengelköy Park Project; biggest source of inspiration was central location. In this place where the Bosphorus can be seen on a high hill with Istanbul city’s great weather and wind, a project that would enliven the history, nature and culture of the city should be developed.

There are 116 twonhouses, 27 villas and 73 Residence with a project value exceeding USD 300 mln with a shopping arcade and two social facilites. One of the social facility shall cater to both families with womens only concept and the other mixed, with indoor pools, outdoor pools, Turkish Hammam; Sauna; Tennis Courts and alike. The prices of townhouses start from USD 845.000 and villas from USD 1.800.000.

Brooklyn Park, the other Project that hes been offered to buyers durin Citiscape, is part of a Mega Project called Yeni Fikir Tepe next to the new tunnel crossing Bosphorus at the junction of D100 Highway. Once the tunnel is completed in 2015; the distance to the historic peninsula where Topkap? Palace and Hagia Sophia lies, will be less than 5 minutes.

Yeni Fikirtepe is the largest Urban Re-development Project in the Middle East where 250.000 people will live and work under the patrounage of Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Turkey.

Brooklyn Park features modern architecture with views of historic peninsula and princess islands. In the first phase there are 728 residences. In all 5 phases there will be more than 5000 units with project value exceeding USD 1bn that are under the management of Kronos Development. “The master plan of the Yeni Fikir Tepe has been done by the ministry and developers are doing their project according to the guidelines set. This is first of its kind in this Turkey. There will be also circular light-rail system, fenicular systems connecting the Kad?koy – Kartal Metro line and a new high street, a 40 meters wide boulevard with a shopping offering exceeding Istiklal Street and Bagdat Street in Istanbul.” states Moustafa Samim Hatipoglu. The residence prices start from USD 195.000.