Mercury MENA CEO highlights important industry concerns at Qatar Construction Conference

April 22, 2014 4:02 pm

President and CEO OF Mercury MENA in discussions on the challenges for major infrastructure development and advancements in the construction industry at the Qatar Construction Conference.

Mr. Adnan Mian, President and CEO of Mercury MENA, a leading MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) engineering company, was invited as a guest speaker at the Leaders in Construction conference last week. The selection of reputed and experienced industry professionals at the conference highlighted the importance of the industry as important issues and concerns were brought to the table, and realistic solutions for the way ahead put forward. The leaders discussed business opportunities and the impediments to construction in Qatar, as well as effective strategies to capitalise on the opportunities.

Mr. Adnan Mian, who is recognised in the region as a strategic business and industry leader who has brought about sweeping and dynamic changes resulting in marked improvements to efficiency and development pointed out the need for greater transparency and accountability within the industry. It was observed that contracts in Qatar commonly provide for a high level of risk transfer to contractors and consultants but however, the full extent of risk transfer is often unclear due to the poor drafting of contract amendments or particular conditions. Contract terms with the client are rarely negotiable for main contractors and consultants and long delays in payment are common on most types of projects. The panel discussed how Contractors and Consultants could mitigate contract risk and suggested innovative ways to secure payment from Clients.

It was also observed that the industry is facing a particularly critical time with the tremendous opportunities and challenges that important regional events have brought about, as well as the expansion of the oil and gas infrastructure sector and the development of the transport network. It is important for the industry to approach construction activity in a planned manner with greater transparency, Mr. Mian said. The early engagement of contractors, and clear understanding of the client’s requirements through well-drafted contracts and direct communication would allow better standards in the industry, and ensure timely handovers within the planned budget. The success of a project, he remarked depends largely on the shared responsibility and unity of purpose between contractor and client. When clients make sudden and unplanned changes in design, contractors are faced with challenges that are difficult to resolve and involve additional cost and time.

Mercury MENA has vast experience in Qatar and the region, having planned and executed a vast range of project types including mission critical facilities, like healthcare and hospitals; mixed-use urban centres; corporate office buildings; hotels, conference and convention centres; retail malls and specialty centres; and government facilities.

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