Ministry of Works holds training course on scaffold inspection

May 3, 2014 3:22 pm

As part of the Ministry of Works’ keenness to enhance health awareness and occupational safety in work locations, the Human Resources Directorate held 2 training courses in scaffold inspection for 36 engineers, technicians and supervisors from the Building Maintenance Directorate, in addition to the Ministry’s Health & Safety Staff.

Human Resources Director Mahmoud Abdul Rahim explained that the course is held in coordination with the Health & Occupational Safety Group and Building Maintenance Directorate at the Ministry to enhance awareness and train the concerned staff on safety procedures, especially contractors who implement the Ministry’s projects supervised by the Building Maintenance Directorate.

‘The Ministry established a contract with a specialized institute in Bahrain to prepare a rehabilitation plan for certified inspectors to deal with scaffolds at project and construction locations. This comes prior to the regular maintenance of Government schools by the Building Maintenance Directorate,’ said Abdul Rahim.

‘This will hugely contribute to reducing accidents and injuries at project locations, in addition to reducing direct and indirect costs related to accidents.’ he added.

The 2 training courses also included a visit to Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Bahrain (ASRY) to closely learn the technique and correct use of scaffolds.

The training courses are part of a series of courses that will take place in the near future, which will include 2 specialized courses in health and occupational safety for engineering trainees (Nebosh), and other training courses about safety in confined space and ways of dealing with emergencies and accidents.


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