Ongoing restoration work at Al-Baha palace museum nearing completion

September 4, 2014 8:25 am

Awad Al-Zahrani, director-general of museums at the SCTA announced that ongoing restoration work at a famous Al-Baha palace museum is nearing completion, Arab News reported. “The efforts made by the SCTA in restoring the Bin Rakosh Palace in Al-Baha complements the projects it has taken on in the region at large,” said Awad Al-Zahrani. “Other sites, such as the Ze Ain heritage village and other local natural parks, are also slated for completion,” he said. According to Al-Zahrani, rehabiliation works are in line with the commission’s commitment to preserve urban heritage sites in the Kingdom, which will boost domestic tourism, as well as create employment opportunities for local youth. “Bin Rakosh Palace is a significant site containing the region’s most significant architectural elements,” he said. “It is expected to be a distinct landmark following its rehabilitation.” According to the SCTA, the site is designed to include several museums, including a history museum, among others.