rolls out real estate industry’s first call tracking solution for agents

August 3, 2014 9:39 am

Given all of the web analytics tools out there, tracking online conversions is relatively easy. However, tracking offline conversions such as phone calls can be challenging for agents. But not anymore., the UAE’s leading property portal, has launched the real estate industry’s first phone tracking solution.

With this tool, agents can track calls that they receive from visitors to the site after they identify a listing and click on the phone icon on Additionally, brokers can get reports about how many calls they received, when and how long they lasted. With this data at hand, agents can see how their listings are performing on both the sales and rentals side and get a dramatic leg up on the competition.

“Better customer insight and more great leads – all in real time. This system will offer clients far greater transparency on their ad spend. Clients will be able to monitor the click to call ratio as well as never miss a prospect call, as all calls will be re-routed if not answered in the first 10 rings. Add the fact that all calls will be recorded and can be accessed via an online dashboard, will offer far greater insight into the customer service skills of their broker employees,” said Michael Lahyani, CEO and Founder of

The propertyfinder group has been one of the fastest growing property portal networks in the region since its launch in 2007, given its strong organic growth, expanding geographical footprint and increasing product portfolio. The company has also been at the forefront of transforming the real estate industry with technology integration.

“We want to able to offer the most complete end-to-end solution to brokerages. We got the ball rolling with myCRM, a mobile-responsive client relationship management tool to help agents manage all their listings, leads and landlords in a single and intuitive platform. With our latest offering, we look to further grow as a one-stop-shop for brokerage firms who list with us and raise the bar in terms of real estate customer servicing levels across the country,” added Lahyani.