QD-CPC announces inception of its business in Qatar

June 30, 2014 3:53 pm

QD-CPC for industries, announced officially the inception of its business in Qatar in the areas of construction and real estate development in the Qatari market, as well as to provide contractors and real estate developers in Qatar with all their needs under its recent vast urban renaissance.

QD – CPC for industries was founded in 2011 as a Saudi – Qatari partnership which includes the Qatari company Diar, Barwa Real Estate, Saudi Binladen and CPC International, an affiliate of Construction Products Holding Company (CPC), which is specialized in providing all construction products under one roof.

On this occasion, Faysal Alaquil, CPC’s official spokesperson and Director of Business Development, said, “The objective behind the establishment of QD-CPC is to build an integrated company to manufacture building materials in Qatar within the framework of CPC International’s policy to offer all these products under one roof, as well as to take advantage of growth opportunities in the real estate development and building sector in the country.” Alaquil added, “CPC factories in Qatar are aimed at fostering customer’s loyalty with a view of becoming a major player in the construction products industry within the coming five years.”

Meanwhile, Riad Kiwan, Board member of QD-CPC for Industries and Operations and COO of CPC- International Co., said, “Today QD-CPC owns and runs an industrial complex consisting of several plants for the production of construction products. The complex was built on an area of 250,000 square meters as a first stage at the Mesaieed industrial zone in Doha.”

Meanwhile, Nidal Alotaibi, CEO of the company, explained, “CPC-Qatar complex at the Mesaieed industrial zone accommodates four factories including ‘PREMCO for Precast Concrete’ which is built on an area of 77,682 square meters, at a cost of QR120m, and started production in October 2013. Production capacity of the plant is 450 slabs daily, plus 750 walls and other precast concrete products.”

The complex accommodates also the United Arabian Aluminum Company (UAAC), which was built on an area of 25304 square meters at a cost of QD30m, and started production in November 2013. The aluminum factory consists of production lines to manufacture a wide range of aluminum products tailored to suit all construction requirements such as walls, lining and cladding, doors and windows.

The complex also includes the United Arab Glass Company (UAGC) on an area of 20000 square meters at a cost of QD25m, and production work started in mid-June 2014. The plant has specialized production lines for all kinds of glass (normal and formed), processed and bullet-proof glass. SACODECO plant was built on an area of 38,235 square meters at a cost of QR30m. The plant has several production lines for producing furniture, doors, kitchen cabinets, walls cladding, false ceilings, finishing products, interior decoration and hotel furniture. Production in this plant is expected to be soon.

QD – CPC, as well, owns ‘Premco Ready Mix Concrete’, which is built on an area of 20,000 square meters on Dokhan road, at a cost of QR40m, the plant has been operating since September 2012 with a production capacity of 240 cubic meters per hour. The company also owns the National Asphalt Factory (NAF), which is built on an area of 10,000 square meters on Dokhan road at a cost of QR14m. The plant has been operating since September 2012 with a production capacity of 240 tons/hour.