Registration Trustees Offices gains 90% satisfaction from customers

April 6, 2014 9:56 am

Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced that its 13 Registration Trustees Offices currently open across the city are improving their performance and customer service, with a range of customers expressing their satisfaction with the services provided by the offices.

The latest survey conducted by DLD showed that around 90% of the customers are completely satisfied with the performance of the offices, and that they value the quick and easy access to services that helps to save time and effort.

Land Department sources said that the registration trustees offices managed to record 6612 real estate transactions February through April 2014, exceeding the anticipated demand from customers since the launch of these offices by DLD in July 2013.

Sultan Al Akraf, Senior Director Services Management at DLD, said, “Despite the fact that the registration trustee offices and the services they provide are new, the offices managed to gain high percent of customer satisfaction. All our offices deliver the high standards set by DLD for these offices and put customer satisfaction at the top of all priorities. The survey we conducted also showed that employees of the offices are working with the same level of the land department’s performance standards, to provide high quality services to all customers.” Al Akraf added, “We continuously strive to develop our customer service which reflects the Department’s strategy aimed at supporting Dubai’s the real estate market and to be the best environment globally when it comes to attracting investment.”

It is important to point out that the department assigns employees to each office on a daily basis in order to take on tasks related to audit all transactions done through the offices. So far, the registration trustees system offers of eight basic services, which are: request for donation registration, request for registering a deferred sale, request for registering a mortgage, request for registering a mortgage discharge, request for registering rent to own (Termination), request for registering deferred sale of lease completion, request for registering rent to own contract, request for registering of finance lease contract.

The department requires all registration trustees offices to own smart real estate bag called E-STEP, to ensure the harmony with the basic strategy of the department. The department is planning to add three additional services that are: request for registering a mortgage adjustment, request for registering a mortgage transfer, request for selling usufruct.

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