SEDCO Capital in Saudi Arabia opens new opportunities and gathers international real estate experts in “Windows on Markets 2014” Conference

March 6, 2014 2:51 pm

SEDCO Capital organized its fourth annual “Windows on Markets 2014″conference. The conference focused on international real estate, with regards to identifying promising investment opportunities, and confronting challenges in 2014.

Windows on Markets 2014 conference gathered distinguished world experts in the field of real estate investment, who shed the light on markets from around the world highlighting the risks and opportunities and shared their experiences in the various local markets where they operate. The conference tackled several themes, most important of which was the possibilities of identifying opportunities in the European real estate investment market.

The lineup of speakers in the conference included some of the best names in the industry; Mr. Nick Cooper, Principles at the Townsend Group, Mr. Mahdi Mokrane, Head of European Research & StrategyatLa Salle Investment Management, Mr. Douglas Poutasse, Executive Vice President & Head of Strategy at Bentall Kennedy, Douglas Herzbrun, Global Head of Researchat CBRE Global Investors and SEDCO Capital’s Head of International Real Estate Investments, Mr. Samer Shaaban.

Hasan Al Jabri, Chief Executive Officer of SEDCO Capital in his welcoming remarks at the conference said “This is the fourth year we hold the Windows on Markets roundtable and this time we are focusing on Real Estate which is one of the oldest asset classes one can think of. 2013 was a very interesting and challenging year for SEDCO Capital where we have developed a solid foudation that will paveway for the future.”

Mr. Al-Jabri praised the solid team of asset managers and partners who have played a key role in successfully managing assets locally and internationally. He pointed out to the audience that SEDCO’s adherence to Shariah compliant investing was almost identical to Ethical & Responsible Investing which is not only proven to be beneficial to society and humanity, it has also delivered better returns to investors. In addition, Mr. Al-Jabri highlighted the success of SEDCO Capital’s investment platform in Luxemburg with $1.6 billion under management, the largest group of Shariah funds in the world, that has drawn a lot of attraction from global investors.

Mr. Shaaban shared SEDCO Capital’s belief that real estate is a local business and that they work with the best in class managers and partners in each market globally and engage themselves in active asset management to add value. He emphasized the importance of learning through experience, working with partners and sharing of knowledge acquired through two and a half decades of doing investments in real estate internationally. Mr. Shaaban also shared the successes achieved by the group in a short span of 24 months where SEDCO Capital reached a milestone of SR2.5 billion in real estate transactions worldwide.

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