Skyline Real Estate wins Second Place in Aldar Honours List Q1 2014

July 20, 2014 10:58 am

Skyline Real Estate Broker LLC has been named Second Place under leasing category of Aldar Honours List Q1 2014, given by Aldar Properties, UAE’s leading property developer. The award ceremony, held at Crown Plaza Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, 2 July.

“Skyline is working hard to bringing the best proactive results to our partners much to our clients. And with this award, we’re continuously focused on aiming new resounding results and targets to rise above stiff competition,” said Nader Hassan, Managing Director of Skyline Real Estate.

“Our company is new in the real estate market but we have competitive people to perform and attain desired results. And this recognition speaks and testifies that,” he added.

This is considered to be Skyline’s first achievement since its establishment in June 2013. Skyline has been an active business team player in most of Aldar’s properties in Abu Dhabi having key projects namely Al Rayyana, Gate Towers and The Arc and Al Ghadeer opened for leasing and residential sales options.

“As the Real Estate Brokers contribute significantly to the success of Aldar Properties, two events have been hosted by Aldar this year rewarding those top performing agents, and Skyline Real Estate, who is a recent addition to the Aldar authorized broker team, made a significant contribution to the Leasing performance with a runner’s up position in the league of Agents,” affirmed by Julian Redman, Aldar’s Residential Marketing.

He further added, “Skyline and some Abu Dhabi’s independent brokerage companies were formally recognized assessed for their professionalism, customer service and the ability to perform in a competitive market.”

Other winners are Al Zaeem Commercial Brokers, Better Homes, Khidmah LLC and Select Homes Real Estate. The award ceremony was the finale cut of the Iftar Dinner Party hosted by Aldar attended by over 30 agencies.

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