UAE’s Facilities Management industry value could hit approximately Dhs20bn by 2015, says G4S

August 24, 2014 10:41 am

Facilities Management (FM) services contracts in the UAE could be valued at approximately AED 20 billion per annum by next year, according to Nigel Hall, who was recently appointed as UAE Director of Outsource Service in G4S, with reference to an internal study held by G4S.

The statistic included FM services that ranged from cleaning services, pest control, office services, landscaping, waste management and building management systems with the exclusion of security services, an average of 60 per cent of most industries in the UAE may outsource its FM requirements, says the firm.

G4S – which employs more than 11,500 employees in the UAE to provide manned security services, electronic security solutions, and cash solutions, in addition to FM – believes that the Emirates’ on-going delivery of new commercial and residential buildings, coupled with an increasing demand for ever-higher levels of service provision, will see the industry continue to grow healthily into the next decade.

“Annual growth in the UAE is driven by the construction boom, as well as the increasing customer demand for improved service levels, not just personnel,” said Dubai-based Hall, , who has worked in the country for much of the last decade, and currently oversees a team of 8,000.

“The single, most important critical improvement we are seeing in the UAE market is the sophistication of the contracting. FM contracts are becoming more integrated, more metric-based, and crucially, longer in duration. The combined effect of these improvements is better service for customers and of course, improved cost-efficiencies for all parties. The UAE is the GCC’s leader in this respect,” added Hall.

G4S says that UAE clients, as well as those operating across the Gulf, are increasingly looking for a one-stop-shop solution that will enable their organisations to reduce management time expended on FM, but also a solution which can be measured for effectiveness and efficiency over say three to five years, as opposed to the typical annually-renewed contract.

Hall will also be heading G4S’ Recruitment and Outsource service, a fast growing service that offers organisations recruitment flexibility by allowing them to employ personnel on G4S’ payroll through fixed term contracts. “G4S is able to manage all selection, recruitment, mobilisation, administration and payroll related to supplied personnel on our customers’ behalf”, he added.

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