Australia lures GCC property investors?

February 24, 2016 5:45 pm

Australia property market is one of the new but strongly attractive destinations for GCC investors.

The list of international locations ­– think London, New York, Hong Kong, etc. – that have always attracted GCC property investors now has a new entrant: Australia.

Earlier this month, in a press conference announcing the 12th edition of the International Property Show in Dubai, the land Down Under was highlighted as a promising region for regional investors.

In these changing times, Australia is fast being recognised as a relatively new but strong market, along with others like Canada and Spain.

The property market in the country has certainly grown over the past decade, especially in the larger cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

The boost has been supported by a flood of foreign investors seeking a safe haven and a promise of growth for their assets and their values.

“Other Western countries are impacted by bad immigration policies, unstable political situations, terrorist threats and increasing debt levels, all [of which are] making their property markets unstable and volatile,” says Zaki Ameer, founder of Dream Design Property, an Australia-based investment, wealth-creation and mentoring business, currently focused on attracting investors to Australia’s property market.

“Australia showed resilience in the 2007 global financial crisis; it shows stable growth, good rents and a growing economy that does not have the issues outlined earlier,” Ameer adds, claiming that the country’s property market is “a place to invest to keep your money with great returns.”

However, no situation is perfect. It is important to note that property prices in Australia are reaching record highs. Analysts expect prices to cool down, with some forecasting a more dramatic drop as the current wave of local investors pull out of the expensive market.

Yet again, this wave is being fronted by hungry foreign investors, who are snatching up properties and increasingly viewing Australia as an important asset in their global portfolios.

Data* provided by Dream Design Property showcases the health of Australia’s property market and how one can leverage it.

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Dream Design Property has recently opened a new office in Dubai. While admitting that the GCC’s money is attractive, Ameer says he had other intentions behind bringing his business to the region.

“Dubai and the GCC [are] not only rich in cash-flow. They have a high number of expats from around the world,” Ameer said.

Dream Design Property is headquartered in Sydney, with branches across Sydney and Melbourne. Internationally, the company has a presence in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and, now, Dubai.

The hottest projects the company is pitching to regional property investors include Soko Waterfront, a seven-story residential building in Brisbane’s West End. It comprises 120 one-, two- and three-bedroom units, with rooftop amenities and two basements.

In addition, the company is also pitching The Beach Apartments Broadbeach, which will be named AVANI Broadbeach Residence upon completion in 2017, a residential project located on Queensland’s Gold Coast; and Northcliffe Residence, a high-rise on the Gold Coast that is allegedly awaiting development approvals.

Overall, Ameer says Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are the three most attractive cities to investors, in that order.

*Dream Design Property released the following disclaimer with the provided data: “This example is subject to lending, bank approval criteria of a 95 per cent loan plus lenders mortgage insurance. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Any financial and legal advice offered by Dream Design Property is of a general nature and may not be suitable for some people. No individual financial or legal needs or goals have been taken into account in the advice offered. You should always seek independent advice about specific financial and legal decisions. Dream Design Property disclaims all and any responsibility or liability in respect of information detailed or omitted (or the consequences thereof) from any other meetings held with Dream Design Property.”


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