Dubai’s 5 real estate technologies you should know about

December 27, 2016 5:37 pm

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Dubai, the most advanced city in the Middle East, offers attractive real estate deals to people from all nationalities. Since the rental yields here go as high as 8 per cent in select apartment categories, most people end up investing in the residential units here and benefit from its high rental yields. Interestingly, this isn’t the only reason why people prefer investing in Dubai. The emirate also offers smart services related to its property sector which allow you to transfer properties and manage other related affairs from your smartphone.

Here are 5 real estate technologies Dubai offers to end those frustrating trips to the government offices.


Dubai Land Department (DLD)’s smart leasing management application, Ejari, specialises in the management of leasing operations. It can be utilised by property management companies, property owners and even owner’s representatives to manage the leases from anywhere and at any time. The app has been designed to increase the efficiency of lease management operations and also to safeguard the rights of all involved parties in a lease transaction. It also reduces the time and cost required to complete lease registration and allows to people to register their rental contracts online.

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Dubai Brokers

Putting an end to all those real estate scams pulled off by fake real estate agents, DLD offers you a smart application for Dubai Brokers. The app provides people with accurate and real-time information about licensed and DLD approved property brokers and real estate agencies.

Dubai Brokers also classifies brokers per their efficiency and performance and provides details about projects that a broker specialises in along with the number of transactions he/she has completed. That’s not all. The app also verifies ownership certificates which increases efficiency, reduces costs and speeds up service delivery.

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Smart Pay Service

Developed by the DLD, the Smart Pay Service is a fee payment method through which people can pay the required procedure fees directly from a smartphone app. The app operates through government’s secure channels and allows people to pay through Credit Cards, Wire Transfer (From Limited Banks), NQOODI Wallet and others. The application also saves payment history, multiple credit cards and wallet balance.

Investment Map portal

Launched by Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre, DLD’s investment arm, Investment Map portal offers an integrated set of applications that offer everything you need to make an educated investment decision in Dubai. The apps also provide trends that ease the decision-making process and allows you to transact online through secure government channels.

Smart Judge

The Smart Judge informs all parties involved in a rental contract about their legal rights with respect to Ejari and whether they can file a judicial case or not. The application also gives virtual judgments against the final request for legal advice. That’s not all, the Smart Judge also offers Free Legal Consultancy which saves money, effort and time of the people involved in a rental dispute.



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