Saudi oil exports fall to 7.553m bpd in February -JODI

April 18, 2016 4:57 pm

Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports in February fell to 7.553 million barrels per day from 7.835m bpd in January, official data showed on Monday.


The world’s largest oil exporter produced 10.220m bpd of crude in February compared with 10.230m bpd in January, the data showed.


Monthly export figures are provided by Riyadh and other members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to the Joint Organisation Data Initiative, which publishes them on its website.


Saudi Arabia’s domestic crude oil inventories fell to 305.599m barrels in February from 314.119m barrels a month earlier.


Domestic refineries processed 2.67m bpd of crude, compared with 2.468m bpd in January, while exports of refined oil products rose to 1.55m bpd from 1.343m bpd.


In February, crude oil burnt to generate power fell to 291,000 bpd from 293,000 bpd in January, the JODI data showed.


By Reuters
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