Electric power consumption in Lebanon hits 3.5 kWh per capita

September 3, 2015 5:00 pm

Electric power consumption (kWh per capita) in Lebanon reached 3,499 kWH, the highest value of electricity consumption globally as well as in the MENA region, a report by the Byblos Bank reveals.

The World Bank’s environmental file for Lebanon shows that the consumption of electricity in Lebanese cities accounts for 87.5 per cent of the total electricity consumption in Lebanon.

This is compared with the MENA region, where cities consume 60.1 per cent of the total, whereas in middle-income countries, cities’ consumption amounts to 61.8 per cent and 53 per cent is the global share of cities’ consumption out of the total.

According to the file, 95.1 per cent of the electricity generated in Lebanon uses fossil fuel, compared with 91.7 per cent in MENA countries, while the proportion in middle-income countries reaches 74.7 per cent and stands at 67 per cent globally, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

It is noteworthy that the electricity generated by using “hydropower” in Lebanon amounts to 4.9 per cent, which reaches 5.5 per cent in MENA countries, while its percentage rose to 20 per cent in middle-income countries and reaches 15.6 per cent globally.


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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