Most power plants in Jordan operate with LNG

August 20, 2015 11:21 am

Power stations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are currently using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) coming via Aqaba for 85 per cent of electricity generation.

The director of the production planning department at the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), Eng. Amin Al-Zaghal says: “Power generating plants consume around 350 million cubic feet per day of LNG imported via a new port in Al Aqaba, to produce around 85 per cent of Jordan’s electricity needs, while the remaining percentage is being generated by heavy fuel.”

He adds that gas currently reaches all stations that operate with gas in the kingdom, Jordan-based Alghad Newspaper reports.

The Government earlier started operating a liquefied natural gas port in Al Aqaba which was established for gas import purposes from different international sources, as the port operates with an on-going operational capacity of 490m cubic feet every day and 715m cubic feet maximum operational energy for the port.

Al Zaghal adds: “The load on the kingdom’s power grid on August 17th reached 3000 megawatts (MW) of the total generating capacity in the country.”


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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