Saudi Arabia’s power load hits all-time high of 62,260MW

September 16, 2015 6:05 pm

Saudi Arabia’s electric power load hit a massive record high of 62,260 megawatts this year, indicating a major rise of 5,713MW from the 56,547MW recorded in 2014.

The 10.2 per cent increase itself is equal to the gross generation capacity of some countries in the region, according to the Saudi Electricity Company.

The rise in the country’s power load is among the largest in the world. Makkah saw the highest increase ratio nationwide of 17 per cent, Saudi-based Alriyadh Newspaper reports.

The Saudi Electricity Company added an additional 4,516MW to its generation capacity this summer through the construction of 22 more power stations, with a conversion capacity of 22,686 mega volt-amperes, says the company chief executive, Zeyad al-Shiha.

The size of the Saudi electric network stands at 600,000 kilometres (circuit) delivering power to more than 12,815 cities, villages and residential areas across the kingdom, Al-Shiha adds.

He also says the company has launched ambitious projects to harness renewable energy, pointing to a 550-MW project currently underway in the northern city of Tabouk.


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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