Transportation accounts for 20 per cent of energy in Saudi Arabia each year

September 1, 2015 10:12 am

Saudi Arabia’s daily consumption of oil and oil equivalent reaches nearly 4.2 million barrels, a report by Crescent Petroleum shows.

The reports points out that the transport sector alone consumes 20 per cent of the kingdom’s energy annually, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

This sector is the main engine for various activities and has recently been instrumental in the recovery of a lot of economic activities, adds the report, noting that the road transport is at the forefront in terms of consumption, accounting for half of the amount of the sector’s energy.

Crescent Petroleum notes that the global tourism sector depends dramatically on transportation, referring to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) statistics, which reveled that 500m tourists travelled between the countries of the world, during the past three months only.

The report calls for the need to develop new plans to raise the efficiency of energy use, to ease the burden on poor countries and rich alike, stressing that the reduction programs have a great chance of success in oil-producing countries rather than consuming countries.


AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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