By Hussein Al Sayed

Chief Market Strategist for the Gulf and Middle East region at FXTM

Chief Market Strategist for the Gulf and Middle East region at FXTM, and host of the popular evening business show on CNBC Arabia, Bursat Al Alam.

As an ambassador for the FXTM brand, Al Sayed represents the face and voice of FXTM within the MENA and GCC region, and is frequently quoted in leading media outlets such as Forbes Middle East, AFP, The Telegraph and MarketWatch. Through his role as a business news anchor for CNBC Arabia, Al Sayed covers important business and market news, providing traders with helpful insight that could assist them in their investment decisions. Covering all major headlines from Asian to US markets, including analysis on Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, and Currencies, he has interviewed many influential industry leaders and decision makers in the Arab and international business world.

Prior to his current role, Hussein spent many years working in the finance sector as a dealer, trader and analyst in equities, credit and foreign exchange markets. As a highly experienced financial analyst with an in-depth understanding of the GCC region, he provides valuable insight into the latest local and international market news and macroeconomic trends.

Al Sayed is the holder of a BA degree in Banking and Finance from the Lebanese International University and is experienced in both technical and fundamental analysis.