Aamal Trading and Distribution a nnounces ‘Change to Bridgestone’ campaign winner

September 1, 2014 12:38 pm

Aamal Trading & Distribution (ATD), a branch of Aamal Company Q.S.C. and Qatar’s sole distributor of Bridgestone tyres, completed its 75-day ‘Change to Bridgestone’ promotional campaign on 30 June 2014.

A lucky draw for the grand prize took place in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Business and Trade on 6 July 2014.

ATD and Bridgestone are pleased to announce that Mr. Ghassan Salamah Mohamed is the winner of the grand prize of half a kilogramme of gold. Mr. Mohamed El Saka, Asst. General Manager of ATD, handed the prize over to Mr. Ghassan S. Mohamed in a ceremony at ATD’s offices in West Bay on Wednesday, 23 July 2014. Mr. El Saka also thanked Mr. Ghassan S. Mohamed and the attendees for their trust in the Bridgestone brand and ATD.

Mr. Mohamed El Saka, Asst General Manager of Aamal Trading and Distribution, said, “As Bridgestone continues to widen its product range, which is well-known for its superior quality, we are committed as their exclusive distributer to increase awareness of these products and highlight their exceptional qualities in terms of safety, performance, and durability.”

“Change to Bridgestone” is a yearly campaign introduced in 2012. It has shown positive outcomes by successfully increasing awareness of, and interest in, Bridgestone’s unique advantages for Qatar’s customers. The productive campaign has been well received by local customers and strongly supported by ATD’s authorized dealers.

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